The Girl With The Curler And The Guy With The Hair Dye

Michael and Angela, two different people but just as alike. You could almost say they would be perfect together... But that could never happen because they have never met. What happens if fate brings them together? Would they work out? Or will Angela and Michael hate each-other? Find out in: "The Girl With The Curler And The Guy With The Hair Dye" Book quote: "Can similarities bring us together or tear us apart?"


2. Tagging along

Angela's POV

After I finished up school, I started walking to the street that Calum, Luke, Ash and of course Michael were playing on. When I was about half way there I started to hear music in the distance. When I got there I seen them all on the curb playing instruments and singing. Calum smiled when he saw me and I tried to hide a blush. When the song finished Michael scowled.

"Who the hell invited her?" He growled at Luke, Ashton and Calum

Calum stood straight and said

"I did, because shes my friend"

He took a minute to think then he said

"Shes no friend of mine. Lets go get pizza, but not you Angela." He said

They all started to pack up and Calum finished packing up first. He loaded his bass up into Acton's car.

"So where we going for pizza?" Luke called over his shoulder

"Just a block away" Michael replied

"But Angela is coming" Calum chimed in

"Damn straight" I said high fiving him

"No, shes not." Michael groaned

"Yes she is" Ashton said

"No" Michael said

"Yes" Luke added

"Four against one, looks like im coming" I said smirking at Michael who glared

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