The Girl With The Curler And The Guy With The Hair Dye

Michael and Angela, two different people but just as alike. You could almost say they would be perfect together... But that could never happen because they have never met. What happens if fate brings them together? Would they work out? Or will Angela and Michael hate each-other? Find out in: "The Girl With The Curler And The Guy With The Hair Dye" Book quote: "Can similarities bring us together or tear us apart?"


1. I hate him

Angela's P.O.V.

I looked at my work sheet, and then i looked back at Michael. I swear he was copying me! "What you got there?" He snapped his head to the side. I scoffed and tapped the long black pencil off the paper. Ms Andrewson looked at me and tutted, jotting scribbles on a yellow sticky note. My eyes rolled out of habit, causing various more tuts and all that jazz. 


Michael snorted causing me to just look at him with a blank expression. "Haha, i know who you like." I looked around to him. "Who then?" I bet he wouldn't get the answer right, nobody ever will. "Ca-" I cut him off by throwing my eraser off his head. "F**k!" He cussed holding his fore-head. My tongue poked out and i knew he was annoyed.  


"I hate you." He growled. 


"Right  back at you, dumbo." He narrowed his eyes before scruffing his black and blonde dyed hair. Of course it's dyed, nobody is born with black and fricken' blonde hair! Idiot! He gave me a wide look, making me relise something. "Did i shout that outloud?" I whispered to Calum, my crush, who was right behind me. 


"Sadly, yes." He chuckled quietly. I blushed, for no reason at all, then looked back at my last question. 


"No answer." Calum tapped my shoulders with his amazingly tanned fingers. Okay, that was weird. "Huh?" I was confussed. 


"The answer is no answer. It's a trick question. And would you want to watch me, Luke, Ash and Mike play in the streets later on. I huffed in. 


"Thanks, but no. I hate 'Mike' so i can't go." Then i relised that Michael would be angry that i was tagging along. "Infact...okay, i'll go. But keep HIM away from me." My eyes peeled off Calum's puppy dog brown one's to the back of a very amused Michael. "I can hear you." He said standing up just as the bell went. I shrugged and handed in the complete worksheet. 


"Angela? Stop talking to him, he doesn't like you in that way." Melanie, a barbie doll said. Note that when i say 'barbie doll' i mean the human equel. "Who?" I raised my left eyebrow up. 


"Michael." Her back teeth gritted together, sending spit at me. 


"Right...whatever. I hate the guy, you's deserve each other." I barged passed her so i could get out of the hell-hole that is maths. 


Next up, lunch. My favourite subject.

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