A Touch of Juniper: A Modern Hogawrts

Juniper is a normal girl, living an almost normal life. Until her parents died. Left in the care of her older brother, she has to live a life of even less normality.

To top it all off, her life gets a whole hell of a lot less normal after she finds out she's a which


2. Chapter Two

Chapter two- A Touch of Juniper: A modern Hogwarts

When I wake up I'm so disoriented. I'm dizzy and my stomach hurts like hell. Scottie gives me something to help with the dizziness and something else for my head.

"How do you feel?" Scottie asks me. I feel super crappy, but I don't say anything.

"Fine." I say in a monotoned manner.

" So lemme tell you the plan. Tomorrow you will pack for London. And we'll leave for the airport two days after. Once we get there we'll get your supplies and stay the night. Then you'll go the Kings Cross Station and get on the train to school. Got me so far?"

He's moving too fast for me. I've just got over the shock of the biggest news of my life! I'm a wizard! Correction- WITCH!!!

"Yeah." I say with a sigh.

"Am I moving too fast?" He replies.

"Yeah. I thought we were leaving in ten days." I say with the same sigh.

" I thought that too, but the plans have changed. I'm sorry..... I should be more of a big brother and less of a travel guide."

I don't want to go to this stupid school anyway. Why is he forcing me? I'm not special, I'm not a traveler, and I'm certainly not a witch! But I really don't want to disappoint him after he just got over the depression of mom and dad.

"Yes. I do believe you should, because after all you just told me about how, um, I don't know..... IM A WITCH!"

"I'm sorry about the inconvenience. I should have told you earlier. Do you want to see the letter to prove it?" Scottie says.

"No, I don't want you to prove anything. I just want to... I don't know... Be normal for once. Plus, I been at my school for as long as I've ever been at any school and I've made as many friends as I ever have made and I don't want to ruin the longest friendships I've ever had." I say a little more calmly this time.

"I'm sorry. You don't have to go. I just had some of the most wonderful experiences of my life there and I want you to have the same experiences that I had." he tells me.

"I'll go, but I have a few conditions." I pause. "One- you have to let me bring my iPod. I can't live without my music. Two- send me an email every single day. I'll miss you too much to not hear from you for a whole month, much less a school year. Three- let me have a pet." I've been wanting a pet for forever. Mom was allergic to just about everything so we could never have one.

"All right. You can have a pet. We'll get you one in Diagon Ally. Okay?" He says

"What the in hell is Diagon Ally?" I ask with a start.

"It's kinda a wizarding strip mall."

"Ohhhh! I love shopping!" I say excitedly. And it's true I do love to shop.

"Okay then. I guess you'll have to go pack if your going to go."

I go to my room and get my big suitcase down. Oh crap! The latch is broken. What will I do? Strap it down with bungie chords?

"Scottie!" I whine. "My suitcase is broken. What do I do?"

"Here let me fix it for you." He replies.

He comes into my room holding a stick like thing. He points at my bag and says, "suitcase repairo!" And my bag is fixed just like that. I think it's kinda cool, but I won't let him know that.

"Thanks" I say in a muttered voice.

🌙 🌙 🌙

When I'm done packing I don't have anything to do so I think. I think about how I'm not going to see my brother for eight months and how I'm going to loose my friends I've only had for one school year and how my brother failed to tell me...the news...for eleven years. After I think about all this I can't think any more. It's like my brain is maxed out, kinda like a credit card. So I listen to my iPod instead.

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