A Touch of Juniper: A Modern Hogawrts

Juniper is a normal girl, living an almost normal life. Until her parents died. Left in the care of her older brother, she has to live a life of even less normality.

To top it all off, her life gets a whole hell of a lot less normal after she finds out she's a which


1. Chapter One

I'm in my bed room, listening to my iPod that was tucked carelessly into my legging pocket. I was dancing without reason. You know, thats one of my favorite thing to do, dance without reason. It helps me get out all my emotions (mostly anger) I keep inside during the day.

I get bullied a lot. I don't know why. I've never felt I fit in anywhere, even from the start. I've tried everything. Nothing seems to work. Scottie has moved me to so many schools I've lost count. He says I should just be my self. But, my parents where them selfs, and that got them killed.

"Juniper, come for dinner!" My brother, Scottie, calls from the kitchen.

"Coming, just a second!" I call back.

As I put my iPod down, I catch a glance at my self in my mirror. I'm wearing my usual oversized loosely knit, natural toned sweater with my usual natural toned cami underneath. And my usual black leggings and my creme flats. And my usual auburn hair in a side braid with one little wavy strand of hair sticking out the other side with a teal streak woven in. And my usual light brown eyes staring back at me from that mirror on the wall.

When I finally walk out of my room I think to my self, wouldn't it be nice to have something UNusual happen once in a while?

"Sit down, we need to have a talk." My brother asks when I sit down.

"About what?" I reply

"A letter I received this morning."


"I have been keeping something from you for eleven years...."

At this point I was getting worried. I didn't know what I would hear next.

"....you are special. You are not a normal eleven year old girl. You are a witch, Juniper Raven Spruce."

Holy crap! I can not believe my ears! He has to be joking. My brother would never ever ever keep some thing huge like this from me for a whole eleven years.

I did ask for some thing unusual, didn't I?

"Okay, you're joking right? You have to be joking!" I giggle a bit.

"No, no I'm not joking. This is for real."

"And what did the letter say?"

"The letter is from one of the most magnificent wizarding schools in the world, Hogwarts."

"So let me get this strait. I am a witch who hasn't known this little tid-bit of a fact for the first eleven years of my life and I will have to transfer to a school about a million miles from here and leave the place I call home and walk around carrying a fairy wand and a magic spell book!" I'm starting to raise my voice and pace around the kitchen.

"First things first. You will not be carrying a fairy wand around, you will be carrying a weapon. And you will not have to lug around a spell book either."

"Are you a wizard too?"

"Yes I am."

"I'm sorry, what?"

"You heard me loud and clear, Juniper Raven!"

I sit down with a loud plop.

"Let me register what I just learned. okay, Scottie Birch?"

"When do I have to leave?"

"In ten days."

"Are you kidding! That wont be enough time to gather my thoughts and say good bye to the Hardwood Gardens!"

"Well thats all

• • •

That night when I go to bed, I can not sleep. I try and try, but nothing seems to work. I even try the breathing method Scottie taught me when I was little. "Just keep taking deep breaths." He used to tell me. That was just after my parents died.

I finally do drift off to sleep, but I don't sleep for long. I think I get up at about two. I go into Scottie's room and ask if I can sleep with him tonight. Just like I did when Mom and Dad were still alive. Of course he obliges. I crawl in next to him, just like I did with Mom.

I wish they were still alive. If they were I wouldn't be in this mess in the first place. My mom and dad would explain this whole mess to me and I would be able to sleep and figure this out.

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