Some Assembly Required

Tom and Harley were just two random tourists in Tokyo. Back home, they led very different lives, but none of that really matters when a Japanese game show host forces you into matrimony for the sake of entertainment. Is this cooincidental marriage really all that ties them together? Or,mis there another way they're connected back home that could makes things really messy?


3. this is very important


I woke up and I was not alone. I wasn't in my hotel room. My head was splitting.

I looked down at the girl curled up under my arm, still fully clad in her jacket and jeans. Her shoes were off. In fact, my shoes were off, too. I glanced over to the door. Both pairs of shoes were neatly placed to the left of it, side by side. She must have done that. I never would have done that. I smiled, took in a breath, and involuntarily hugged her. She yawned and her eyes opened. She looked up at me and her eyes widened.

"Good morning, wife," I said.

She visibly relaxed, but still looked miffed.

"What did we do last night? All I remember is a man in a frog costume pouring sake and you belting out songs at karaoke. How did we get back here?" I asked.

She laughed and sat up, then stretched.

"You passed out," she said. "I tried to get you to do a duet with me after your third little cup full of sake. You came up to the stage and them you fell over and snored loudly. So, I brought you back here because I didn't know where you were staying. You were on the sofa, but you must have woken up and came over here in the middle of the nigh."

I rolled my eyes.

"You're a bit of a lightweight," she smiled,

"And a sleep walker. I'm sorry."

She shook her head and kept smiling, "Honestly, it was all pretty adorable. Are you alone here, or are you with friends? Because you seem to need someone to look after you."

"I came here with friends," I told her. "They pushed me onto that show, so you can imagine how well they do at taking care of me."

We both laughed nervously.

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