Some Assembly Required

Tom and Harley were just two random tourists in Tokyo. Back home, they led very different lives, but none of that really matters when a Japanese game show host forces you into matrimony for the sake of entertainment. Is this cooincidental marriage really all that ties them together? Or,mis there another way they're connected back home that could makes things really messy?


1. numbers are important


I didn't know the time.

I didn't know how much money I had spent.

I didn't know the phone number, birthday, address, age or... well, anything about the girl who was beside me.

What I did know was that it had been exactly thirteen minutes since the weird game show was over, collectively with two witnesses we had placed four signatures on a fairly official looking document, and one ring now rested on the second from farthest appendage of two left hands (mine and hers).

I beleived, at the time, that i had just gotten married, but I was not entirely sure. I don't know that she was sure either, but she couldn't seem to stop blushing, so she must have been at least as suspicious of the situation as I was.

The crowd in the audience kept a very reverent quiet as we finished with the less interesting aspects of whatever ceremony we had just been a part of. Stagehands suddenly looked in a panic moments before herding us back to the front of the stage. The host got into place, put his arms around us, then smiled toward the camera as the blinking red light turned steady.

The then said this, "私の親愛なる友人、私はあなたに夫妻ギャリソンをご紹介します。拍手で彼らを祝福。新郎新婦にキスします。"

I don't read or speak Japanese, but I managed to get a copy of the closed captioning text for the episode and translate it with the internet. Before reading the translation, I had no idea why he kissed each of our cheeks and then pressed our faces closer together to force us to kiss. It was awkward. And it was absolutely our first kiss as husband and wife.

I pulled back and she just stared at me, her cheeks burning bright red.

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