Some Assembly Required

Tom and Harley were just two random tourists in Tokyo. Back home, they led very different lives, but none of that really matters when a Japanese game show host forces you into matrimony for the sake of entertainment. Is this cooincidental marriage really all that ties them together? Or,mis there another way they're connected back home that could makes things really messy?


13. nothing was ever as important as this


I woke up with her curled up against my side. Her head was on my chest. Her breaths were soft and even. Her stomach growled, and she stirred a little bit.

I didn't want to move. I didn't want to ever move from this spot. I twisted the end of her hair loosely around my finger tip as I watched her sleep.

It was like I was living a dream.

Her stomach growled again, louder this time. Her eyes opened and she looked up at me from under her eyelashes, blushed, then smiled.

"Hungry?" I asked for the umpteenth time today.

She nodded and sat up. She got up, leaving me behind in bed, and pulled her borrowed clothes back on. I did just about the same and followed her back into the living room.

"Did you want something to drink?" I asked her as she picked up her phone.

"Dang it!" She exclaimed.

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