Some Assembly Required

Tom and Harley were just two random tourists in Tokyo. Back home, they led very different lives, but none of that really matters when a Japanese game show host forces you into matrimony for the sake of entertainment. Is this cooincidental marriage really all that ties them together? Or,mis there another way they're connected back home that could makes things really messy?


12. but not so important that it can't wait


I just couldn't take it anymore.

He sat the pizza down and looked at me quizzically.

"Hungry?" He asked.

Once the pizza was safe, I quickly wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my lips against his like my life depended on it. He was surprised, but it didn't take long for his arms to wrap themselves around my waist as he kissed back.

"What was that for?" He asked.

"I just felt like it," I said. "Is that okay?"

"Absolutely," he breathed out as if he was tired. "You can do that whenever you want."

So I kissed him again.

And his hands were warm as they found the small of my back and rested there on the skin just under my shirt.

I felt bold. And this just felt right. It felt like his lips were the only lips that I ever wanted to taste for the rest of my life.

I pulled away from him and took his hands in mine as I started to walk backwards to lead him towards his bedroom. Our bedroom.

"We kind of wasted our wedding night," I said quietly.

"You're not hungry?" He swallowed nervously.

I shook my head, "It's not going anywhere. And I love cold pizza."

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