Titanic (My Version, after the sinking)

Don't worry, in my version, Jack Dawson Lives. Rose DeWitt Bukater goes on the famous ship titanic, and falls in love with Jack Dawson. This is my Version....


5. Chapter 4

Last Chapter:

Rose, Rose, Rose."My mother said. "What am I going to do with you?"



 Me and Jack looked at each other  with confused looks on our faces. 

"You think you are in love with a man who stole from you." She said. "And in love with a man who is a third class rat, Rose, He is just using you." 

It was Jack who talked this time. "First of all, I did not steal the necklace, Cal, slipped it into the pocket of my jacket. Second, I am not a rat, and I would NEVER use Rose." 
"Then explain why you stole the Jacket." She demanded. 
"I needed a disguise, because you wouldn't let me see her, so I took it off of a chair that nobody occupied." He said, clearly proud of himself.
"I'm done here, Rose, come, we are going home." Mother said.
"I am not going home with you Mother, My home is where Jack is." I said intertwining my fingers with his. 
"Rose come now." She demanded.
"No." I said. "I am not leaving Jack, I never am." 
"She clearly wants to stay with me." Jack spoke.
"Fine, stay with the rat." She said. "But, I am not giving my blessing to your marriage." Then she walked away.
I stood there shocked at what she had just said. She isn't going to give me her blessing of our marriage. A tear rolled down my cheek.
"We don't need her blessing, Rose." Jack said.
"Yes we do, that is part of marriage you have to get permission from you parents." I yelled at him.
He looked shocked, "Rose, please, just settle down and we'll figure this out." He said calmly.
"No, we won't Jack! Did you not hear her?!?!" I yelled back at him, then stormed off.


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