Titanic (My Version, after the sinking)

Don't worry, in my version, Jack Dawson Lives. Rose DeWitt Bukater goes on the famous ship titanic, and falls in love with Jack Dawson. This is my Version....


1. Chapter 1

Rosa's P.O.V

"Jack." I whispered.
"Yeah?" He spoke.
"Look."  I pointed. "A boat."
"Oh my-" He said. "OVER HERE" He yelled, but  It came out as more of a whisper.
"Here let me try." I told him. "Over here." I yelled.

"Over here!" He yelled again. "They must be deaf!"
"Look, that man over there has a whistle, I'll swim over and blow on it." I told him
"No." He gripped my arm. "I'll go.
"Jack, you've been in the water, I've been on a board." I insisted.
"Ok." He spoke. "Wait, be careful Rosa."
"I will."
I swam over to the man and pried the whistle from his cold, dead hand. I blew on it as hard as I could four times. "Over here!" I yelled as I swam over to Jack. Oh, Jack. The man I fell in love with.
"Are you both alive?" The man on the boat asked.
"Yes, but very cold." Jack answered for me.}
"Here, grab on to my hand." The man said helping us over the side of the boat.
"We made it." I spoke to Jack. " We actually made it."
"What?" He said. "Do you think I would lie to you?"
I chuckled, "No." I said. " I know you wouldn't lie to me."
"That is correct." He told me leaning in for a kiss. "I Love you, Rose."
"I love you too, Jack"
"I wonder what happened to Cal?" I asked.
"I hope he died." He said.
I chuckled, "And that is why I love you."


(Hey guys! What do you think? I know, it sucks! I wanted to make this because it broke my heart when Jack died, so I decided to create a story of their life after the tragic sinking of the Titanic. Thanks for watching!!!!)


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