Letters To Jane

Jane Moody and Marcus Pestano are like oil and water. They don't mix. Suddenly Jane finds a letter that Marcus' mother had written 30 years ago to her mysterious love. As Jane helps his mother find her love, is it possible Jane could find hers too? *WARNING: Mild violence and swearing*


1. o n e

"Jane!" Marcus ran to me.

"What the hell do you want, Pestano?" I snapped, balling my fists. He was coughing and catching his breath as I continued to walk away.

"No! Wait Jane! Goddammit!" I rolled my eyes and kept walking. "Jane! Jane! Jaannneeee! JANE!" Oh how he got on my nerves.

"WHAT!?!" I shouted, Marcus took a step back as if I was about to eat him.

"I was wondering if, well I dunno, I'd get this chance to say.." He trailed off.

"What, Pestano?" I was desperate to know what he was going to say. Was she going to tell me he liked me? Or was he going to annoy the hell out of me? Although I was annoyed by his, well, annoying-ness, I sorta liked Marcus. For some reason we've hated each other since first grade, but now I've gotten used to him. I still played along with this act, knowing that if Marcus ever found out, I'd be dead meat.

"Jane, I've wanted to say this for a really long time," he gulped "I-I just wanted to say.. Hi." Okay, now he's dead meat.

I literally tackled him onto the ground, throwing punches, but purposely missing his face. The fight went for about 10 minutes until Marcus' mum called for Marcus from their house. Marcus was 23, a bit hard to believe by his childish actions. I, myself had never gotten into trouble, and actually acted my own age. Whereas Marcus was going around sleeping with every girl he saw. In fact, I shouldn't even call him Marcus, instead I should call him the nickname I secretly gave him. 'Sir Fucks-a-lot'.

Well Sir Fucks-a-lot was not good looking, but not bad looking. He was somewhere in the middle, like you would be crushing on him forever, but when he would ask you out, you would immediately say no. To be honest, I felt sorry for him. He didn't have many friends, and when he would be depressed, he would hook up with a girl he met literally two seconds ago. Yes, a person like me would feel this way, I'm not that cold-hearted.

"Jane, want to come and have dinner tonight?" Mrs Pestano's voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Uh, y-yeah sure! What time should I come?" I asked.

"About 6:30? If that's okay with you."

"That would be lovely." I answered with a smile.

"See you tonight!" She waved.

"Bye!" I waved back.

I walked back to my house and realised what was going to happen.

I was going to have dinner with Marcus.




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