Wild Heart

Funny how the end is only the start of a story. Well this the story of a girl that lives in a world that has ended.


20. You can't do that

                                                                  I woke up to Jade shaking my shoulder,'' Hey Celeste wake up,'' Jade coughed,'' By the way thanks for taking Germain''. " No problem. Well with me at least. Ian wasn't so happy about it though,'' I frowned. " Ian just doesn't want Germain to take you away from him,'' Jade said walking out of the room. " Like that would happen?'' I asked. Jade gave a small laugh. She was gone.

                                                               I swung the covers off me too reveal that I had already gotten dressed. I walked out towards the hall. In a mellow, tame mood. I stood in the hall for a while being lazy. At least that's what it looked on the outside. Truthfully I was waiting for someone. Someone really imparticular. I was waiting for Ryan to take my to the Illusion tribe.

                                                    In a trance I felt my pocket. It had a match in it on measly match. That would burn down the whole Illusion tribe. Counting on the fact that Ryan had already soaked the place in gasoline. I turned around only to find that a figure was fast approaching me. With a swift knock on the head I was out cold.


                                                                  Normally when people get knocked out the last thing that they think is why the hell did you just do that to me? Me, About time Ryan. I woke up on a cold floor. I heard snickers of a million people. My wrists were tied together in a rude fashion. To add insult to injury there was a bag over my head.

                                                               " Cowards,'' I snarled '' At least let me see who kidnapped me.'' I had practiced this line over and over in my head.

                                                               " It was me,'' a voice called out

Right on cue.

" Ryan?'' I filled my voice with disbelief

" Yes it's me.'' Ryan said with a little grief.

" What?'' I pulled the last line.

Ryan gave a little moan.


                                                            The bag was pulled off my head. I stared at Ryan for a while. " So look who is here,'' Jean smiled her face more wrinkled than the last time I saw her. I took a deep breath. This time the words were not practiced,'' Jean let me go or you will face the concequences,''." Oh really I would like to see that,'' Jean smirked. '' Couldn't find your wrinkle cream or what?'' I replied. Jean took a sharp breath in,'' You little...'' She kicked me in the ribs hard. She did it again even harder.

                                                         I heard someone groan. To my surprise it wasn't Ryan.'' You can't do that Jean. The first rule is always have a fair fight. How is it fair if she's tied up?'' it was Pale Man that spoke. Jean looked up,'' Your right. It is unfair of me to do that,'' she rummaged in her pocket. '' Let me repeat the other rule. One does not correct the leader. It's a crime punishable by death,'' she aimed.

                                                         The shot rang out. My breath held in. My heart in pain. He stood up for me even though we were enemies. A good man. That is what my father would have said. A good man.     


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