Wild Heart

Funny how the end is only the start of a story. Well this the story of a girl that lives in a world that has ended.


11. Why

                                                     The blindness wore off eventually. When it came back the colors seemed to pop out more than usual. It seemed as if the world had become brighter. Yet my I felt horrible. I had been dodging Ian ever since he dropped the bombshell. I groaned when a note came to my door,'' Hey Celeste this is from the leader. What did you do?'' the messenger,  Alexander teased.

                                                " Nothing. It is just something personal.,'' I went around his question .Alexander's  intense brown eyes stared at me,'' If it was so personal, then why did he have me deliver it and not himself?''. " Look Alexander I can't answer that. Now can you please leave me alone!" I nearly shouted.  Alexander just shook his head,'' Sorry not until I get an answer,' he sat down on my bed.

                                              I about to throttle him when Ian stepped in the door,'' Celeste Why is Alexander on your bed and not in the office where he belongs," Ian looked mad. Alexander stood up and bolted out of my room I turned around to Ian," Thanks. He was getting annoying. Wanting to know what this was for,'' I lifted up the envelope. Ian gave a small smile,'' Well you wouldn't talk to me earlier so this was just another way of getting to talk to you,'' Ian looked down at the ground.

                                      Why did he have to be so sweet. " Oh well I'll read it then," I said Ian coughed a little bit,'' Celeste before you make any judgements on me let me do this. He gave me a tight hug. Then he..... he...... he.... kissed me. " You can read it now," Ian walked of my room. I started to read the letter.

                                              Dear Celeste,

                                                     When the bomb destroyed everything I thought I would never see you again. Then one day. About two years later I saw you alive and fighting my tribe. I'm sorry I was a little standoffish for I though it was another trick from the Illusion tribe. When I realized it was the real you I nearly had a heartattack. I thought you were gone forever and now your back. I can't think of anything to say except those really over used words. I love you and nothing can change that. I also apologize for Jade. I guess it was hard for her to swallow the fact that we aren't together anymore. Ok I know that makes me sound like a jerk.


                                                                            Ian. P.S I hope you'll start talking to me again.

                                                I flopped down on my bed. Why Ian, I thought, do you have to decide that you love me. Isn't life complicated enough? I was going to rip up the letter but, I just couldn't bring myself to do it.


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