Wild Heart

Funny how the end is only the start of a story. Well this the story of a girl that lives in a world that has ended.


7. Waking up

                 I woke up in a hammock a breeze drifted through the room, making my hammock slightly rock. I stretched my arms up to the sky and saw that Ian was at the door. He smiled,'' So you are the new early bird,''. I rolled my eyes,'' Really then why are you up then?'' I asked him through a curtain of hair. Ian shrugged,'' I couldn't  sleep.''. " Why not?'' I finally was able to see Ian. "I was worried about you. I mean I was wondering if you were OK enough to actually train I mean you nearly died.....'' Ian trailed off.'' It's fine Ian I have always nearly died plenty of times. This is just one in a long lists of things.'' I laughed telling him the truth.

                            Ian still looked sad. I did something that I was not expecting, I went over and gave him a hug,'' It is nice to see you again, Ian''. Ian hugged me back.  We were hugging still when Ryan came in the door,'' Hey did I walk in on something?'' he smiled and laughed, his green eyes having a gleam of I am so going to hang this over your head. Both of us stepped back from each other with out grace. Ian gave a wry smile and walked out the door. I smiled back then turning to my brother I glared,'' You did not see anything''.

                           At the eating room the dreaded rumors started to spread like wildfire. Each one more disturbing then the last. When I got to my brothers table, I punched his arm. '' What was that for?'' Ryan asked, rubbing his arm where the bruise was. " For starting the rumors'' I said looking at my bowl of cereal. I found it ironic how simply breakfast was. But we were in a complicated situtation. All Ryan did was smile and as a good sister I flipped him off.

                          Ian waved his hand and said,'' Hey Celeste over here,'' Giving my brother one last punch I walked over towards him. Soon we were caught in a conversation that had a lot of revenge plots. Some of them were positively perfect. Others were too lame. And for a time I forgot that I was living in a world that had ended.

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