Wild Heart

Funny how the end is only the start of a story. Well this the story of a girl that lives in a world that has ended.


2. waking up

                                                   I felt as if I was slowly being introduced to the world again. At first I couldn't move an inch. The my feet started to move then my hands, my head, and finally I was able to get up. With half closed eyes I saw my brother still on the ground but, his chest was moving up and down. I looked around and saw that it was light out. Which puzzled me considering that we where in the basement.

                                                      I walked up the steps my knees feeling stiff and like I was about to collapse (which seemed pretty likely at the moment).What I saw made the feeling worse. I looked around and saw that the house was practically gone. And what was left looked like it could fall down with me just poking it. I could not find Dad any where. I started to shake. Why was I being such a brat. Why did I not listen to him and just go into the basement when he told me. Maybe he would still be here right now.

                                                    Getting up I walked around silently looking at the neighborhood. It once was teeming with life and now seemed as though somebody had burned the life out of everybody and everything. I guess not everything for I saw a few stubborn trees clinging to life. Down the road I spotted a dog down the road pacing back and forth. I walked over to the dog and patted the ground in a friendly matter. The flame colored dog trotted over to me gave my hand a sad kiss. I rummaged into my pocket and pulled out a candy bar. Unwrapping the wrapper I gave it to the dog.

                                                   I heared a cough and turned around. It was Ryan.'' You want to kill that dog?''. My faced flushed in anger, " If the dog survived this I think he can survive a fun-sized Snickers", I was surprised that it turned out calmer than I felt. He just shrugged his shoulders and said," Well are you going to name it?" " Yeah. The dog's name is Flame", Ryan smiled. " That rhymes you know,". I smiled feeling somewhat better. We were quiet for a long time then finally he said, " Come on Celeste let's go" and we walked out of the neighborhood, not looking back.

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