Wild Heart

Funny how the end is only the start of a story. Well this the story of a girl that lives in a world that has ended.


5. to prove yourself.

                                               The time it took to get to the fort seemed like a blur. Ian just kept staring at me like I had grown a second head. To be honest I stared at him too. He had changed. His hair was messy a fell around his face. His skin was tan but, scarred. He was always skinny but, never was this thin. His pale gray eyes were constantly in motion.

                                                 My thoughts wondered onto the fort. It was in short massisve. Being made of brick meant that it would not burn easily. My eyes grew wide when I realized that there was only two doors. One was on the bottom the other on the very top. " Ian please say that I can go in the bottom door. ' I smiled in an uneasy motion.

                                                 Ian shook his head,'' Sorry Celeste the only way you can get in the tribe is if you prove that you have these, determination, trusting, and finally loyalty. This is determination.'' Ian looked away. " You mean I have to climb that!'', I stood there my jaw hanging in shock. Ian nodded his head," See you at the top.''. I grunted my reply.

                                                   I grabbed one brick in one hand and another in the other. I made my ascent that way. After a while my arms felt as if they were made of water and my legs were about useless by now. Still I kept going and going till against all the odds I made it to the top. This time I flopped down the top of the tower and almost fell asleep.

                                              I said almost, " Celeste you did great. Now you have to fall backwards off the fort and trust that someone will catch you,'' Ian said nonchalantly. I just stared at him my eyebrows raised. By tis time I was mad that I had spent all this time in getting up here was going to be wasted on falling down. My common sense must of left me for I actually fell backwards off the tower.

                                              I just kept on falling and falling and falling. My ears popped and my eyes watered because the wind drove them crazy.  A stray thought entered my mind When in the world am I going to hit the ground. My thought was answered by landing in thick, hairy arms. The man dropped me onto the pavement.

                                                           " Celeste all you have to do now is just go on a raid to the Illusion tribe," I just stood there with my mouth slightly ajar.

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