Wild Heart

Funny how the end is only the start of a story. Well this the story of a girl that lives in a world that has ended.


12. Tears

                                                         I read the letter again and found that there was tear stains on it. I knew that they wern't mine. For I did not cry when I read the letter. It dawned on me that it must of been Ian that had cried, not me. I closed my eyes and went back too sleep. For the first time in a long time I actually had a real dream. Not just a nightmare that spelled out my doom.

                                                   I was sitting in a feild with my dad, Ryan, and Ian. A silhotte came up to us and waved. Dad ran and Ryan ran up to the the shadow that now revealed to be someone impossible. The person was my mom. She had the same figure and the same hair color except with my brother's green eyes. She laughed and motioned for me to join in. Ian smiled and pushed me over to my family. It felt nice to have a complete family and Ian together. Than a crying broke that did not come from my dream. It encased the dream and finally shattered it to a million pieces.

                                                I woke up and checked out the sound. I opened my door and saw who was the one crying. It was someone who I thought didn't even have tear ducts. It was the one and only Jade. Her blonde hair hung limply in front of her face. She must of heard me open the door for she looked up,'' Look you won. Are you here to rub it in. Go ahead I know I deserve it." she hung her head low. If I had not just woken up I would of rolled my eyes but I didn't. " Hey Jade to be frank. I have know fucking idea what the hell you are talking about,'' I said my confusion  profound.

                                            Jade just gave me a death glare,'' You know. Ian,'' Jade cried again. I patted her on the back,'' Look Jade. I don't care about the fact that Ian likes me. What I do care about is you treating me like I crawled from the depths of a sewer. So hey can we just start over? Hi my name is Celeste and yours?'' I stuck my hand out. Jade smiled,'' Mine is Jade. Nice too meet you,'' she gave am small laugh. " Now I know why Ian likes you," she said and stared at the wall.

                                                   " Oh man don't even go there,'' I rolled my eyes. " Jade shook her head,'' No seriously. Ian likes you because you are nice, funny, forgiving, and smart,'' Jade yanked on her hair. I remembered what Ian said to me. I nudged her,'' Hey. I know why Ian dated you.''. Jade sniffed,'' Why.''. " Cause,'' I said,'' You reminded him of me. So we must have something else in common,''.


                            '' Oh and don't get me started on brothers,'' Jade exclaimed. "O my god,'' I started to laugh my butt off. Alexander walked through the hallway,'' Need help ladies?'' he asked raising an eyebrow. I shook my head,'' Nah. Just getting to know each other,'' I said. Alexander made a motion that he understood. He walked off. Jade started to laugh,'' He is soo just annoying yet endearing,'' Jade cheeks got rosy. '' Someone likes Alexander,'' I teased her. " Oh shut up,''.

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