Wild Heart

Funny how the end is only the start of a story. Well this the story of a girl that lives in a world that has ended.


8. Revenge

                                   I was still talking to Ian when another girl sat down next to him,'' So leader what is the plan today.... Hey is that the girl you had something -something with?'' her blue eyes gave flash of humor. Ian did not help this rumor when his face got all red. '' No we were just like best friends before this happened,'' I said off handedly. Ian slowly nodded, '' So Jade do you have something helpful that you spotted?'' Jade turned her head to the side,'' Depends on what you call helpful. Well there is no Illusion tribe in sight so that is good but...'' '' It also raises suspicion. You would of thought that they would have taken revenge by now. Right?'' I said it for Jade.

                                    Her eyes wide she nodded,'' Well it seems that your friend actually has a brain.''.  Angry I made a fist under the table. " Yes she is incredibily intelligent. In fact one of the smartest people I know. Oh and she does have a name, Celeste.'' Ian stepped in. Jade blew a hair out of her face,'' Yeah well I have to get going see ya later,'' Jade sneered. Well I sneered right back at the bitch.

                                  " Sooooooooooooooo anyway what the heck was that all about?'', Ryan asked me. '' Jade is a well you know,'' I told him feeling just as mad as before. Ryan was silent,'' Give her a chance. Hey after all she used to date Ian. I guess it is the x girlfriend jealousy thing so you might have wrath for a while''. " Why me it is not like I am going to date my bestfriend.'' Ryan smirked,'' That is how it always starts Celeste and you know it.''. That is when I realized my revenge plot,'' Hey Ryan....'' I was cut off by an alarm,'' All people to the front of the fort. Illusion tribe.'' 

                             Well my revenge would have to wait. We ran while putting our metal claws on. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Ian standing in the front of his army,'' Jean'' He whispered then turned around to me.'' Maybe you should....'' '' No''

                      " Celeste...''

                         " Ian''

                           " Please''

                           " No''

                            '' As your leader''

                              '' As my friend''

                               A battle cry sounded and I ran into the battle.

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