Wild Heart

Funny how the end is only the start of a story. Well this the story of a girl that lives in a world that has ended.


6. Raid

                                            My arms were slightly heavy from all the warm ups  that we had to do before we started on the raid. First we had to go to the dog pit and play tug- of-war with the dog of are choice. I was relieved to see that Flame was there, her red coat standing out. I was also relieved to see that Ryan had past the tests too. I guess you could say that all in all I was pretty relieved.

                                   Ian held my hand and whispered,'' Don't worry Celeste the raid will be pretty low key nothing but, a little food snatching,''. I nodded my head tired but, oddly energetic from my time in the dog pit,'' Oh Ian or am I supposed to call you something else now?'' I said, hoping that he would not catch the bitter tone in my voice. He did, '' Celeste you are my friend. You can always call me Ian. Why would you say something like that?'' I was silent for a moment, '' Ian you have changed a little you are more how do I put it, mean, edgy, silent, unhumorous. Do I need to go on?''

                                     Ian's gray eyes grew wide,'' Celeste.....'' I walked away before he could stop me.I went to the armory and got fitted for some battle claws. The guy smiled and said,'' New chick huh. Too pretty for the wild hon.''. I made a face at him, '' I go were I want  and when I want. I am not too pretty for the apocolyps was I?'' I snarled.'' All I am saying is that you just might steal the heart of our leader,'' he went on fitting the claw. " That will never happen,'' I said looking at the ornate claw. 

                                '' Why is that?'' He asked bushy eyebrows raising to the sky. '' He used to be my best friend,'' I told him. "What is he now?'' he asked.  My voice grew very quiet,'' I really do not know. He has changed so much''. The man gave a snort,'' Haven't we all. Well Miss you are done.'' I thanked him and walked out of the armory.

                                          By now it had grow dark and people were waiting for the reluctant people. I hurried up and joined them. Ian was in the front running with great speed. The funny thing was that he was running on his tip toes. I realized that it minimized the impact. It took a long time to finish the raid. And trust me you do not want the details at all. Let's just say it was fucking bloody. Though it did give me time to think and think I did.

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