Wild Heart

Funny how the end is only the start of a story. Well this the story of a girl that lives in a world that has ended.


14. No

                                                            Silence filled the room with coming dread. We all just stared at each other. None of us daring to say a word. The Zen leader clapped his hands, " Welcome,'' His voice boomed,'' We are here today to settle the issues that have arrived. Illusion complains of one to many food snatchings. As well as someone nearly killing their leader. Wild complains that Illusion is hoarding food and is tipping the balance of the tribes.'' The Zen leader sat down.

                                                        " And who are you? May I ask?'' I asked him. The Zen leader gave a warm smile, " My name Julius. And I see that you are the ever famous Celeste. Is it true that you took down the Illusion Queen when you were blinded?'' His eyes were completely focused on me now. " Yes. I did that,'' I said feeling amazed that word spread so quickly.

                                                         Jean bared her teeth,'' You do not want to pour anymore salt on that wound Julius. Or else you may find yourself in a really bad spot.'' The pale man stood up,'' We have come here for one reason. We want to take over both tribes,''.  Angered silence filled the room. I felt like repeating what I did to her on the battlefield. In my mind my heart roared.

                                                          " You can't do that,'' I said, " Your out voted 2 to 1,''. Jean's eyes flashed,'' Let's take that vote. All in favor of Illusion being the ultimate leader?'' Her hand and Pale Man's hand raised. She gave a small grimance,'' Well I guess war is the only way to settle it now isn't?''.

                                                            '' War! I will not have war declared in my tribe! I'm sorry but, I will not stand for it! We have all been so abused by this bomb. That nobody deserves to be put in the midst of a war!'' Juliu's face was red with passion. You tell her Julius. I thought in my mind. Ian stood up,'' Jean. We should respect the fact that Zen has a no violence policy,''.

                                                          Pale man smiled and pulled something out of his pocket,'' Now I guess will have to change that policy,''. Before I could stop it the object flashed silver and a shot rang out. As the dust settled I saw that the bullet hit it's target." Daddy!'' I heard the little boy yell.  I t broke my heart to hear that,'' You son of a bitch! ''. With that I pulled out my claws and attacked him.

                                                                   " Celeste back down. He has a gun. Let's get out of here,'' I saw Ian jump out the window. After a moments of hesitation I followed him. After I grabbed the little boy.'' Shhh everything will be just fine,'' I told him. The boy looked up,'' It sounds like you lost your dad before,'' he told me. I looked at the celestial arrangement in the sky.'' I have,'' I whispered.

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