Wild Heart

Funny how the end is only the start of a story. Well this the story of a girl that lives in a world that has ended.


16. In my heart

                                                             Ian went over the battle plans with me. It was a brilliant plot. Complicated and hard to unravel. Yet I knew it wouldn't work,'' Ian. Jean will see through this like it's made of glass. To many things are just up in the air. We need something solid. Something that will appeal to Jean's flattery,'' I told him, once he was done explaining.

                                                            He turned around his gray eyes looking at my hazel ones,'' Then what should we do Celeste,'' He sat down. I plopped down with him. I was in his own room. Man it was messy. Clothes were thrown around everywhere even on the celling. I was impressed. In fact it gave me an idea.

                                                        " Ian what would happen if chaos happened in the tribe,'' I asked him quietly." Well the situation would get rather messy I don't think that's too good of an idea,'' Ian threw a coin up in the air. " Hmmmm. Ian. Could I suggest something?'' I asked him again. "What,'' Ian replied calmly. " Fire and lots of it. If someone manages to breach the tribe then ' capture me. I could set up a fire and all you would have too do is just light a match when you are negotiating with her to let me 'go'.'' I suggested. His eyebrows raised,'' Celeste it would have to take perfect timing and plus who is willing to do that?''. 

                                                        A cough echoed out,'' You know I am more than willing to show that bitch who blinded my sister who is boss,'' Ryan walked in the room.Sitting down he said,'' In my heart I feel like this it. This the end. We either go for it or die not doing it,'' Ryan fists clenched.'' Ryan I could never ask you to do that. What if you got caught?'' I cried mentally but, on the outside I could only give a nod.

                                                    '' Don't worry sis I'm a good actor. You know that all too well,'' Ryan winked. I laughed,'' Yeah. ' I didn't get into the cookie jar mommy, Celly did it not me'. Oh I could of wringed you neck at that moment,'' I did it to the air instead. Ian started to laugh,'' Fine. It starts right now so  be safe,'' Ian gave Ryan the Wild's sign of respect; a claw mark over his heart. I did the same thing then hugged him.


                                                  Once the plan was set and the tribe heard about it everyone was giving Ryan the claw. I walked with him to  the end of the properity of the Wild.'' Ryan I guess I'll see you when ever you decided to kidnap me,'' I gave a strangled sort of noise. " Don't say that it sounds weird coming from my sister. If it was a hot chick though............''. I punched him in the arm. " That hurts. Well be good and see you later,'' He ran off before I got the last words. Typical Ryan.

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