Wild Heart

Funny how the end is only the start of a story. Well this the story of a girl that lives in a world that has ended.


1. good day

                                                 I took a deep breath of suburban air. A baseball clutched tightly in my hands. My friend, Ian smirked. I had to make this count it was a tie and this was the tie breaker. If I made him get one last strike I would win and the 5 year old tie would be broken. My heart thumped with anticipation and Ian yawned with boredom,'' Hey I am getting a gray hair here."

                   With that I threw the ball and to my dismay it sailed into the air..... and crashed onto a neighboring car. Alarms went off and people started flocking to the scene of the crime. Ian started to run and yelled an apology to the owner. It was my turn to smirk now,'' I win by technical difficulty''. Ian shook his head, his brown hair spilling  into his face,'' No! It is another tie Celeste and you know it''.

                           I gave a big laugh and shook my head,'' Same old story Ian''. He was about to say something in return but was cut short by my dad pulling me into the house. I gave a hurried goodbye to Ian. Who stood there confused for a couple of moments but, then was pursued by a herd of neighbors.

                              Finally I looked towards my dad and said,'' So what up?''. All he did was frown and say,'' Please just get in the basement".

                          " Why ?''

                             "Please Celeste just listen to me I don't want to lose you like I lost your Mother"

                                  " No not with out a reason"

                         Finally My Dad pushed me into the basement and I felt the house shudder. I cried out. My older brother, Ryan, shushed me. I casted a glance at my Dad who just curtly nodded, making his salt- and-pepper hair catch a faint breeze. The the explosion hit our house and I lost my grip on reality. 

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