Wild Heart

Funny how the end is only the start of a story. Well this the story of a girl that lives in a world that has ended.


15. Germain

                                                       When we got back to the fort the sun was up and people were calling are names. Jade ran up to us,'' You had the whole tribe so worried and who is that little boy in your arms Celeste?''. '' The Zen leader is dead. Julius is dead. He fought for what he thought was right. He did not back down. We can't let his death go down as a nothing. The Illusion will pay,'' Ian said his jaw clenched as well as his fists. I nodded,'' I saved Julius's son. The Zen will live on. But, first what is your name?'' I had put down the little boy by now. The whole tribe was watching.

                                                   The little boy looked up,'' My name is Germain. After Saint Germain who was my father's idol. I....I can't say anything else.....'' Germain ran off into the fort. I looked at Ian,'' I'll get him,'' I said. Ian nodded his head as if he understood,'' Go. I'll be making war plans,''. I ran into the fort,'' Germain. Germain. Where are you! Germain!'' I shouted throughout the halls.

                                                 " Hey Celeste! I saw a little boy run through here a little while ago. Poor kid was balling his eyes out,'' Alexander said envelope in hand.'' Thanks,'' I replied, grateful for the assistance. Finally I opened the last door to the left. I saw Germain sitting there his scruffy brown hair hanging low covering his face.'' Germain. I know this hard for you. I understand what it is like to lose someone. Don't blame yourself. It will only weaken you in the long run,'' I told him sitting down next to him.

                                                       '' How do you know what's it like to feel so useless to watch as your last family member dies and you can't stop it and you have someone drag you out like a ragdoll and be comforted by strangers! How do you know!'' Germain did the little kid run on sentence that came to me as a punch in the gut. " I know because it's happened to me before. I watched as my dad died from the bomb. He pushed me down the basement to save me. I got dragged post to pillar by my brother Ryan. I got accepted here and was comforted by who I thought was my worst enemy who is now my best friend. Trust me when I say I understand,'' I told him.

                                                       Germain finally looked up,'' Why do bad things have to happen? Why can't things be like fairy tale? Where the prince saves the day and all is well,''. " I really have no answer to that. Except that Life is never a fairy tale. I've had to learn that the hard way. I won't say sorry that your dad died. For I know how empty those words feel. I'll just say that you'll be a good leader some day,'' I patted his head. Germain looked up. He stared at me for awhile and finally spoke,'' Thank you,''.

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