Wild Heart

Funny how the end is only the start of a story. Well this the story of a girl that lives in a world that has ended.


22. Epilouge Germain and Ian's P.O.V


                                  I stood at her grave. It was under a an olive tree. It stood for peace. The girl I had loved once told me. I sat down wishing that she was with me. A tear slide down my cheek the way it did when I was writing her the letter. The words dead was to painful for me to bear. We never got to finish are tie I thought. I traced her name in the mud.








                              I cried. How could I live without her? How? How? I lifted the claw to my throat. Ready to meet her up in the sky. Someone stopped me,'' How could you be so selfish?''.


                                   I was watching Ian for a while I wasn't planning on doing anything till I saw the claw in his hand. " How could you be so selfish?'' I asked him. He gave no reply. " How could you just attempt to do that? What would Celeste think Ian?'' I asked again.

                      He looked at me furiously,'' You don't EVER talk about Celeste like that again,'' Ian yelled at me his gray eyes filled with misery. " What would she think?'' I asked him again, this time softer. " That I was an idiot,'' he told me hair in his face. " Well at least your her idiot,'' I  replied bitterly. Yes I had loved Celeste too. Just as much as Ian did.

                                             I sat there with him for a long time Neither of us saying a word. A warm breeze shuffled by. " Did you feel that I asked Ian. Ian just merely nodded his head.


                     I watched those two idiots from afar.  I smiled and tried to give them both hugs. I probably felt like only a breeze to the them. I realized that I was fading. " I LOVE YOU BOTH,'' I yelled at them. Fading. Fading. Fading soon the scene was gone from sight. I hope they heard it.


                                       I did.


                                             We both did.


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