Wild Heart

Funny how the end is only the start of a story. Well this the story of a girl that lives in a world that has ended.


19. Date

                                                                  It was a beautiful night. The stars shimmered in the clouded sky. My hand was warm from Ian holding it so much,'' Dude Ian stop holding Celeste's hand so much,'' Germain said. Oh and did I mention that I had offered to babysit him for Jade?

                                             " I'm not!" Ian dropped my hand

" You are too!" Germain countered

" Am not"

"You are too"

" NO"


"guys" I tried to intervene.

" Not now Celeste'' Ian shooed me off

"Yes" Germain said less stubbornly

" What ever. What do I care what an 11 year old thinks" Ian muttered finally giving up.

                                                   I smiled despite myself,'' Come on let's get to the top before the meteor shower starts! '' I started to climb up the fort. It felt weird the last time I had climbed the fort was to prove myself worthy enough to be in the Wild. Now I was second in command for battles and also Ian ( as you might've guessed ) Ian's girlfriend.

                                                     I also knew why Germain and Ian fought so much. It was a really weird reason. Knowing that Germain had a crush on me. I mean I was the one that had saved him from Pale Man's bullet's I was the one that welcomed him to the Wild. In a way I understood his point of view. In another way I didn't. Why did he like me so much. After all I was dating Ian and was 18 not 11.

                                                     We finally got to the roof of the building. Just in time too. For the world started to unnaturally darken. The stars gone from sight. So was the moon. Then the first meteor streaked through the sky. Then another and another. Till the stars were replaced with the meteors just as numerous. Ian held me close. I looked over to see that Germain was hugging his knees.

                                                      I extended my arm and grabbed him. He gave me a small smile,'' Thanks Celeste,'' was all he said. Ian kissed me again and Germain looked away. I felt like it was too soon that the meteor shower ended. It had seemed so unreal. Well till I saw that one meteor had lodged it's self in an old car. I stretched down and opened the trap door that led into the building. " Night guys,'' I said. " Night,'' both of them murmered in unision. Then they gave each other death stares.

                                                         I realized that tomorrow was the day that Illusion would be burned down to the ground. A smile found it's way across my lips. I started humming the song Tomorrow. Finally sleep held me in it's arms and dreams filled my reality with a bright hope.

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