Wild Heart

Funny how the end is only the start of a story. Well this the story of a girl that lives in a world that has ended.


21. Burn it down

                                                           I was in utter shock when that happened. My voice gave out. My legs didn't move. My brain was at a stand still. Even when soldiers dragged me away I refused to speak. There was only a small compansasion: The place smelled like gasoline. Thank you Ryan. You did something right.

                                                             I realized something at that point. In order to take Jean down I would have to do something big. At the time I saw knife on the table of the room. I guess you know what I did.

                                                                   Was it just me or was it the fact that I was angry? I could of sworn I saw somebody run across the hall of the room. The jail that they had me in was insulting. It was metal bars so thin that even Germain could even bend them. I threw a stray pebble to see if there was any extra traps. Zero. Nada. Negative. IN other words this was to easy.


                                                        I tiptoed across the room. The room also smelled like gasoline. I smiled an almost cruel smile,'' Wait for the signal,'' I told myself. I reigned in my nerves. I heard someone yell,'' I like Burn it Down by Linkin Park,'' It was Ryan. Then I heard a door slam. Ryan gave the two signals. I took the match out of my pocket. I remember my Dad's joke about matches. You want a match? How about my face and your butt.

                                               I gave a small laugh and struck the match against the wall. Unlike the Wild, Illusion's fort was made out of wood. I watched as the tiny, feeble flame became bigger and bigger. By that time I was out the door and in search for one person, Jean.


                                                  I walked amongst the chaos of the tribe. Nobody tried to stop me. My eyes were trained on one thing, the leader's room. I opened the door and saw a solitary figure looking out the window,'' It can't end this way. I won't let it....'' she mumbled some other stuff too. '' Not if I have anything to say about it,'' I grabbed the knife out of my pocket. I felt heat coming from the door.

                                              " Celeste. You foolish girl. You brother abandoned you. Why do you keep fighting?'' Jean asked a amused smile playing on her lips. " Why?'' I asked back. '' You got fooled bitch. Ryan set up this fire. I just lit it up,'' I told her, the heat from the door getting warmer and warmer.

                                     Jean gave a grunt,'' Well this is all I can say to repay you...'' she lunged for me. Ironically that was the same time that the fire broke down the door. We had each other in a tight lock. I finally got free and did something that I hope God up there will forgive.

                                       " This is for Julius,'' I stabbed her. Jean looked up in fright then in cruel amusement,'' You clocks ticking,'' she said pointing towards the window. I shook my head,'' I'm not a coward,'' I spat. I stabbed.

                                                         " For Germain"

                                                          "For Pale Man"

                                                                   "For Jade"

                                                              " For Ian"

                                                                "For Ryan''

                                    Each time the knife went in. I said those painful names. It was for all the people she's hurt. The room was filling with smoke. The heat almost unbearable. I looked at the room. It was Ironically true the window was closed. I had chosen my fate. I could not breathe anymore. The heat had swallowed me alive. My head spun. A darkness fell around me and I fell in.'' Bye Ian, Jade, Germain, Ryan, and hello dad. If I ever go up there,'' I whispered to myself for the last time. 

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