Wild Heart

Funny how the end is only the start of a story. Well this the story of a girl that lives in a world that has ended.


10. Blind

                                                       As soon as the shock wore off it was replaced with panic. Nothing was more frightening to walk around and not see where I was going. So I had to rely on Ian more than I would of liked. He held my hand and told me if I was about to run into someone. We also did our revenge on Ryan but it fell flat considering that I could only hear it.

                                                Though it did slowly get better. On the first day it was all white. The second day was not any better. The third day , though I could recognize if it was day or night by the shade of the white. If it was a darker almost bordering on gray color than it was night. If it was a brilliant white than I knew it was day. The fourth day I could see vague shapes.  Today is the fitith  day.

                                             I felt the sun heat my blanket through the window. I got up and saw a vague tallish shape. '' Ian. Is that you?''. The shape gave a small laugh,'' No I am a stalker going to kill you,'' The shape lunged forward and face palmed me,'' What do you have Ian on the brain sis?'' Ryan asked laughing. I glared at what was hopefully his direction,'' No not at all. It is just that he is the one to help me navigate  around the fort and stuff like that,'' I said hoping that Ryan did not translate that it to something else.

                                        " Mhmmm stuff like that eh? Very...'' I slugged Ryan before he could say anything else. He grunted,'' Fine come on I came in hear to tell you that Ian wants you to teach people how you survived the light,'' Ryan said with a hint if curiosity in his voice. I nodded my head,'' Fine I will be there in a sec,'' I rested my head against the wall when Ryan left.

                                          I ran down the hallway trying to remember were the darn cafeteria was. Finally after a ton of nice and rude people giving me directions I got to the cafeteria. I felt all the eyes fall on me. My heart did a dive bomb into my stomach. " Well what ya gonna say blind girl,'' I heard a voice say. It was Jade's for I knew that sneer of a voice anywhere,'' Well what I was going to say was how to keep fighting after you have been exposed to the flash. I have heard that you have had problems with this in the past?'' I told the entire tribe but, narrowed it down to Jade.

                                       " All you have to do is use your other senses. After all we do have 5 senses. Not just one. You need to know how to feel the wind in the way people move and hear the footsteps to hear if they are running or not. Coming closer or not.  If you do this it will make them off guard. They expect you to become helpless after becoming blind. Show them that the Wild will not go down so easy. Show them that once and for all that Wild is number one,'' I slammed my fist into my palm.


                               " Nice speech," I heard Ian say when the class was over. " Thanks,'' I said taking a deep breath and rembering Jade's remark 'Well what ya gonna say blind girl'. It made my blood boil. I turned to Ian ,'' How could you ever date Jade,'' I blurted out. Ian stopped suddenly,'' Celeste, look Jade is nice...........'' I made a snorting kind if sound. I think Ian made a n annoyed face at me,'' She reminded me off you Celeste. The way she talked and how she took things as she went. I liked her but, I like you a lot more,'' Ian said. I stepped back," Ian...'', It was the most frustrating thing in the world when you can't see and you best friend just drops a bomb on you like that.

                                  " Look we will continue this conversation when I can see. So I know if you are lying to me or not,'' It was weak but, it worked. " Fine Celeste,'' Ian nodded his head. I started to walk towards my room. " Um other way Celeste. That's the boy's bathroom,'' Ian warned me. My face turned bright pink,'' Uh yeah going the other way''.

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