Wild Heart

Funny how the end is only the start of a story. Well this the story of a girl that lives in a world that has ended.


9. Battle

                                                     I ran before Ian gave the signal. My claws were razor sharp and I am pretty sure that I left some scars to never forget. Then a Illusion tribe member slashed my back with a dagger. I did not let him have the satisfaction of hearing me cry out in pain. Instead I spun around and showed him my claws. He howled in pain and fell to the ground holding his face. Even though it was a victory it was a small compared to the sheer numbers in the Illusion tribe. I saw their leader. 

                                                          She was a dark skinned lady in her thirties. Her eyes we brown but, the were cold and harsh. She was tall and she moved with no stiffness. She turned her eyes towards me. Her dagger was drawn,'' You'll pay for that'' she pointed to the guy I had made scream in pain. She was holding something in her hand that gave a brilliant flash. It hurt my eyes really bad. I opened my eyes. Then with a sicking realization I realization that I was blinded. Everything was a bright white and here I thought that the blind lived in eternal darkness.

                                                       I stopped. How was I going to fight? If I couldn't see my opponent? How was I going to not get killed? I took a deep breath and felt her brush by me. I gave a small smile and realized how I just might survive this. As she moved she had created wind that gave away her location.I slashed at her with my claws and I heared her howl with pain,'' How are you able to see?''. I gave a small smile,'' Have you forgotten that I have five senses you only took away one''. The wind stopped a little to the left; I attacked again. I heared a loud thump as if someone had fallen down onto the cement. 

                                                     Suddenly I heared footsteps behind me. I raised my claws to the new opponent. '' Celeste what are you doing. It is me Ian'' he said dodging my blow.'' Celeste what happened. Celeste I am over here. Celeste! What........ you ........... you......... are blind.'' I heared tears fill his voice. '' Ian it's ok I am just fine I believe it's only temporary. Plus it's just my sight. It is not like I am dead or anything like that'' I tried to comfort him but, it was hard. Especially since I had no way of know if I was facing him or not.

                                               '' Anybody here a doctor? We need one now. Soldier down.Soldier down. I felt footsteps echo across the ground,'' Is the battle over?'' I asked puzzled. Ian gave a bitter laugh,'' You should know Celeste. You badly injured the leader,Jean, her head was bleeding from what I could see.But how? You were blinded.'' 


                                             Thankfully there was a doctor in the tribe. He said that it was only a temporary blindness that should only last a week. And till then I should have someone escort me around the fort. Ian signed up for the job. I could feel the scowl that Jade made.

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