Wild Heart

Funny how the end is only the start of a story. Well this the story of a girl that lives in a world that has ended.


13. A surprise

                                                                  I realized that it was getting dark so I had to end the conversation with Jade. Things had seemed to be going pretty well. Considering that just yesterday we were both plotting each others downfalls. But in truth she was pretty nice. My thoughts flashed to Ian. He asked if I would talk to him again. I remembered the tear stains on the letter. And how he tried to hold me back from the battle. Or the fact that he stuck up for me, the first time I met Jade.

                                                  I groaned realizing that there was so many aspects to Ian that I had never bothered to think about before. I also thought about Ryan. When we were outcasts he had seemed so adult like. That is when I realized something, Ryan had to be the adult for two years. He had to be my family that must of been hard on him. I also thought about my dad.

                                          It is still a sore spot in my heart. Even now. I could of gone down the pity slide of what if. what if I had just did what he said. What if I pulled him with me as I went down. And even lastly, What if I had entered that kids for peace contest at my school. But the apocalypse never let me have that luxury of drowning in my own sorrow.

                                          I was interrupted by a knock at my window. I looked out of it to see who it was. To my surprise it was Ian. " Hey Cel you busy. I need you to come with me for a meeting. Wait get into your armor,'' he did not sound like he was messing around. So I threw on my armor and headed out the window,'' Can you please explain to me what this is about? I asked him as we started to run across ruined rooftops. The sun had set and the glare of the moon shone. The leftovers from the bomb still remained in the sky.

                                                      " Yeah. an emergency meeting was called into order. All of the tribes must attend,'' Ian did not break pace, even as he talked to me. '' So why am I the only one going?" I was getting kind of confused. I thought I saw Ian blush but, it must if been a trick of the light. " Cause it's only the leader and a representative that the leader chooses. I choose you because I kind of want to rub it in Jean's face that she got beat by you.''

                                               '' Oh. I think we are here,'' I said dumbly pointing towards the light of Zen's building. " Yeah com on in,'' I heard a voice call out. It was a little boy about 7 years old. It seemed that this world had little thought for anybody. The little boy showed us to the entrance of the building,'' here you are Wild.''.

                                              I sat down at the table. I studied the faces. I knew Jean. The man sitting next to her was just as old as her. He pale skin with loads of scars. One even ran down his face. I looked at the leader for the Zen tribe. He had a scruffy brown beard and gleaming brown eyes. The representative was the little boy. I realized with a pang in my heart that it was  father and son. With all of us sitting down the meeting started. For better or worse.

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