Wild Heart

Funny how the end is only the start of a story. Well this the story of a girl that lives in a world that has ended.


4. A familiar face.

                                                    Once we had gotten to the store my heart plummeted to my stomach. The store was surrounded by barbed wire and dogs. My hand automatically went to the head of my beloved Flame. In a attempt to cheer me up Flame licked my palm and rested his head on my shin. I gave him a scratch  behind the ears.

                                                    " Oh cheer up Celeste we have dodged dogs before and we can just rest are hands against the places were the barbs are not " Ryan gave my a swift smile but, it did not quite reach his emerald eyes. I bit my lip,'' Ryan I have a question. How did you find this store if it is Wild's territory? ".  " Remember when we had to take the short cut across this territory?'', Ryan asked his ginger hair blown akimbo. I laughed,'' Who could forget, we were chased by a pack of dogs for miles".

                                                     He nodded," Well while we running I saw this store was one of the least guarded ones. So here we are going in,". He ran towards the fence a skillfully hopped it. I followed his pursuit with equal grace.  One by one the dogs sensed our presence but, instead of trying to tear are limbs off they just howled. I stated to feel a little uneasy. It must have been a signal of some sort.

                                                       That is when I realized that we had fallen into a death trap. The dogs started to drift off and in taking their place was  human warriors ready to kill. Realizing this I pulled out my knife and this time my brother was the one to follow. In a single movement the crowd made their move and so did we. Someone would think that we would lose just because we were out numbered. But if two years out in this ruined world had taught me any thing it was that in impossible problems all you can do is fight. And boy did we fight.

                                                      I was a whirlwind of jabs and blocks with my knife. If one person had let their guard down for one second  they would get a scar to remember as well as a good nap. Meanwhile my brother was not only using his knife but, also his fists. Which were just as painful. Then Flame kept some people at bay just for one reason. He looked fierce and even more so when he was trying to protect us.

                                                         After what had seemed like a eternity a voice rose above the crowd,'' Stop I think they have had enough,''. It was sadly true. While we had fought with everything we had we had a gotten a good amount of injuries too. The voice must have been their leader's for the crowd had stopped. The leader pushed his way through, his brown hair blowing in the breeze. I gasped. He gasped. We just looked at each other for a long time, not saying anything. Finally he croaked,'' Celeste''. My response was , '' Ian''.

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