Wild Heart

Funny how the end is only the start of a story. Well this the story of a girl that lives in a world that has ended.


18. 4 years later

                                                                  I felt the heat of the afternoon air warm my skin. I heard the screams of millions people. I saw the spectacle  right in front of my eyes. I stood there in shock as I heard those words form on Alexander's lips,'' Jade I want you to know that. I love you and that no matter what happens in this war I will always be by your side,'' Alexander held Jade close.

                                                              I was really happy for Jade and I was lost in the scene. So naturally I wasn't surprised when Ian thought it was a good time to kiss me too. I smiled. A cough interupputed this moment,'' Hey can you guys save the kissy moments after we finish battling this wave?'' Germain asked his claws on his now 11 year old fists. I nodded,'' Come on Ian I think I see a struggling patch of warriors over there I pointed towards them.

                                                   Ian nodded as well, '' Fine but, I really need to tell you something first...''. I had already ran over to the group by then I heard that tidbit from Jade later. My claws were already taking down another person. I imagined that it was Jean. I got lost in the fighting. I know this because Ian rested his hand on my shoulder,'' Celeste the battle is over we won,'' Ian took me over to a nice shady spot.

                                                       '' Celeste,'' a voice said.

                                                        '' It was the voice of someone that I had missed so much. The voice was kind and had a little mischevious sound as if was planning to do something. It was the voice of Ryan. I ran over and hugged him. He made a grunting sound,'' Celeste act natural please I'm here to kidnap you for goodness sake,'' Ryan sounded exasperated.

                                                       It was then when I remembered the plan that had been long in the making,'' Oh yeah,'' I made an incoherent sound near the back of my throat. '' Can you just give me a day please Ryan I really need to do something first,'' What's that?'' Ryan asked looking tired and shopworn. " I need to finish my date with Ian that got interrupted during the battle,'' I told him.  Ryan's face got as pink as the pink panther,'' Uh. Yeah. I can wait,''. '' Thanks. You're the best bro ever,'' I told him. " I know this.'' Ryan smiled.

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