Tyler. The little ginger that is very caring. She lost everyone. Everyone who ever cared, and she going to the dark side. Drugs, drinking, cutting herself.
Ryan. The guy that lost everyone and doesn't show emotion. Doesn't let himself love. Has a bad history.
What happens when Emily stumbles to find him?


7. Chapter 7

Tyler was so embarrassed. She looked up at him, still in his towel and quickly looked down. Was this his apartment? She wondered. He walked to her on his bed and lifted her chin up. 

"Sorry to disappoint, but I need to change." He smirked. 

Her face was turning red and she knew he noticed. She got up quickly and walked out his bedroom door. The apartment was so cute. There was a small punching bag 'thing' in his living room. Right next to that was his kitchen. She grabbed herself some water and sat on a stool. She didn't know how to sit because she didn't really know him, so she just crossed her legs. 

He walked out of his room and looked at her. She quickly looked down feeling very shy. She didn't know what had happened last night but was afraid to ask. 

She finally found the courage to ask after he grabbed himself some water and sat next to her. 

"Um.." She was stuttering. "Did we... you know... um.. Do it last night?" 

He smirked at the cuteness of her being shy. She looked down again. 

"No honey, we didn't do 'it.'" He was still smirking at her. 

"Wha... What happened last night." 

"You were making out with me and then passed out, you smelled drunk." He winked at her. "I figured I would bring you to my apartment because I was worried." His smirk told her he was messing with her. 

She giggled at the sound of the word making out. 

"Oh.. that's good." Tyler said nervously. "Thanks." She looked at him and gave him a half smile. "So anyway we have that project and since I'm here why don't we start?" She knew Emily wouln't mind, a long as she texted her saying she was at Sarah's house. 

She texted Sarah telling her she was fine and getting some air. She asked Sarah to cover for her and tell Emily that she was at her house. 

"Yeah sure." His voice told her he didn't want to work. 

She grabbed a pencil and some paper. They were supposed to write an essay on one of the presidents. He sat on his couch and she took the short stool in front of him. She was lower than him and he stretched out his legs. Her face got red and she looked at the paper. 

He stared at her with his deep green eyes. He was wearing black sweats and a tanktop. She looked at his eyes and their eyes were caught on each others for a while. She looked down and they started talking about the project. 

"So, um.. can I ask you something?" Tyler asked while still looking down. 

"Yeah what is it?"

"Wh.. what were you doing with me when you found me?" 

"You were laying in the mud, and I was going to take you to my gym to lay down while I worked out." He said steadily. "Someone was watching you, getting closer to you. What else would I have done?" 

She was scared for a moment. Someone watching her? She worried. 

"What about the gun?" 

"Just in case the bastard followed me." 

"Oh..." They sat there in silence for a moment. 

"So tell me about yourself Tyler." His deep voice said. The way he had said her name gave her chills. 

"There's not much really." She didn't really know what to say. "My parents left, my brother died, I don't really have anyone other than my brother's girl friend." Why was she telling him this? What was wrong with her. 

"Oh." He stopped smirking and had a serious face. "I'm sorry." 

"It's fine, no need to be sorry. Everyone is saying sorry and I've just had enough." Shut up! She told herself. Stop talking. 

"No, really I am. I know how it feels." Ryan shut up. He didn't know what he was saying. Something about her made him want to tell her everything. What was wrong with him. He had never been open with anyone and never actually hung with a girl. 

Every time he was with a girl it was just for a good fuck. 

Tyler looked up at him with questioning eyes. 

"I have no one either." Ryan said. "My mom and dad were killed, and I have no siblings." 

She was speechless. "I.. I'm sorry." 

"It's fine. I was 4, but I still remember seeing it." 

She was on the verge of tears thinking about his family and her family. 

"Anyway." He gave her a cute smile and looked into her eyes. "What do you say we ditch this assignment and do something else." 

She felt so shy at that moment. 

"Uh, yeah what do you have in mind." He stood up and walked towards her. He picked her up walked to his room and threw her on the bed. He stood in the front of his bed and walked out telling her he would be right back. 

When he walked back in he was carrying some wine and some glasses. 

"Here." He gave her a glass and poured her some wine. What was he doing? She wondered

What am I doing? He told his self. 

They sat there looking at each other and drinking wine. They sat there talking for hours. Her phone rang suddenly. 

"Hello." She said. 

"Hey, how are you doing." It was Emily checking up on her. 

"Good, I'm gonna spend the night at Sarah's, we have a project." She lied.

"Ok, have fun sweety." 

She was going to go to Sarah's after she left Ryan's house. 

"Well I should be going." Tyler said shyly. She sat her glass down and picked her clothes up from the floor, realizing she was still in his clothes. 

He grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him. 

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