Tyler. The little ginger that is very caring. She lost everyone. Everyone who ever cared, and she going to the dark side. Drugs, drinking, cutting herself.
Ryan. The guy that lost everyone and doesn't show emotion. Doesn't let himself love. Has a bad history.
What happens when Emily stumbles to find him?


13. Chapter 13

The dark man put his finger tighter on the trigger. About to pull it.

Ryan drove as fast as he could to get her. He was finally at Sarah's house. Knowing exactly how to approach this he slid quietly through the back door. He could hear them breathing. He walked behind the man and started choking him. The man pulled the trigger. Not knowing where he would shoot. Tyler began screaming. She ran to Sarah's side, he had shot her again. Two bullets in the girl that was already lying on the floor bleeding out.

"Sarah!!" Tyler yelled.

Ryan finally managed to knock the man out. Tyler was paying attention so she had no idea how he had done that.

Tyler began patting Sarah's face. She was going unconscious.

"Sarah, Sarah, come on look at me!!!" Tyler began to yell. "It's gonna be fine. You're gonna be ok."

Tyler turned to look at Ryan who was standing over the mans body. "Call 911!" She screamed at him.

He quickly picked up his phone and dialed the number. The paramedics were there in no time. Tyler still sat near Sarah's body crying. The police took the man into custody.

"No." Tyler said to the paramedic when he told her she had to let Sarah go to take her to the hospital. "I won't leave her." She cried.

Ryan walked to Tyler and picked her up in his arms. "Don't worry, we will meet them at the hospital. Everything will be fine."

Tyler continued to cry as he carried her to the corvette. They drove as fast as they could to the hospital. When they walked in Tyler could hear Ryan talking to the lady at the front desk.

"I'm sorry, we'll have to wait out here, they'll tell us information soon enough."


"Hurry! She's loosing blood fast! We need to get her an IV." The doctor said while rushing Sarah's body to a room. Sarah tried to open her eyes, nothing happened.

Why is it so dark? What's happening? Why do I feel so.. So dizzy. She thought. What's that?

Sarah found a bright light. "Hello? Is anyone there." She could feel herself talking but it seemed so unreal. She was walking in white for so long. Only going straight, seeing nothing but the light.

"Am I dying? No, no I can't be. Help! Someone!! Please help! Tyler needs me! This can't happen!! Someone help!" Her screaming was useless. It was like being trapped in a mirror, no one could see or hear her. Sarah began to cry.

The doctors began taking out the bullets and patching her up as fast as they could. "Hurry up! We need to save her!"


The doctor walked to where Ryan and Tyler were sitting.

"We did everything we could." He looked down at the ground.

"No.." Tyler said in the middle of the doctors sentence. 

"We- we couldn't save her. I'm sorry."

Tyler began screaming and running towards Sarah's room. 

No!! No!! I'll kill the man who did this. I can't lose someone else. Was all she thought about as she ran. Other nurses and security tried to stop her as she was running but she dodged them all. 

Tyler came across her room. There was a blanket over her head. 

"Sarah!!" She screamed. She went to the bed and slid the blanket off of her face, slowly. "Sarah.." Tyler was now crying over her. "No, no, no. Why... Why couldn't it be me. I'm so sorry Sarah. It's all my fault." 

She was still crying and sobbing. Her cries got louder as she fell to the floor. 


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