Tyler. The little ginger that is very caring. She lost everyone. Everyone who ever cared, and she going to the dark side. Drugs, drinking, cutting herself.
Ryan. The guy that lost everyone and doesn't show emotion. Doesn't let himself love. Has a bad history.
What happens when Emily stumbles to find him?


12. Chapter 12

Where was Ryan? Tyler was shaking at the look of this tall, evil man. Sarah was spilling blood and the fun was pointed right at her. Why was this guy here anyway? What did he want? She didn't move.

"Against the wall!" His dark voice demanded. He took the gun and pushed it against her chest, pushing her to the wall. She squirmed but he tightened his grip on the trigger.

Come on come on come on come on. She kept thinking in her mind. Ryan!! She was practically screaming in her head. She heard a click. The gun was loaded, she could tell. Sarah was on the ground and she couldn't do anything. The man started tying her up.

She started crying.

"Shut up!" He yelled. What was he going to do? She was now tied to a chair.

Ryan WAS on his way though. He was driving as fast as he could. Knowing exactly where to go and what to do. He had his gun in one hand and another strapped to his ankle. He heard fun shots.

Someone was shooting at his car. He swerved to the nearest exit and sped. No one was going to keep him away from getting to Tyler. Nothing. They continued to tail him.

Ryan kept trying to get the off of him but they wouldn't get off. Soon they drove him off the road. He was now on the dirt. Still going fast. He looked behind him. The car flip.

"What In the hell?!" He yelled. The car continued to roll on the ground and Ryan did everything he could to keep him self from breaking something. The car stopped rolling. It was upside down now. He struggled to get out of the car. He had his gun in hand. Ryan could hear the other men running towards the car.

As soon as he got out of the car it was too late. They were trying to tie him up. Ryan wouldn't allow it. He had to get back to Tyler before something happened. But he was tired of killing people. Tired of being the person he was. He shot the two men. Both in the head.

He got in to their pockets and grabbed the keys to their corvette. His truck was ruined but now he could have this car. He drove as fast as he could to Sarah's house.

He got to Sarah's house in time. Tyler still had a gun pointed to her chest. She knew he would pull the trigger soon. For the last five minutes he had been gathering up her stuff and taking her credit card and money.

A gun went off.

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