Tyler. The little ginger that is very caring. She lost everyone. Everyone who ever cared, and she going to the dark side. Drugs, drinking, cutting herself.
Ryan. The guy that lost everyone and doesn't show emotion. Doesn't let himself love. Has a bad history.
What happens when Emily stumbles to find him?


1. Chapter 1

"Slow down Kyle, we're gonna wreck!" Tyler screamed on the back of her brothers motorcycle. She didn't have a helmet on so she was scared. 

"Here." Kyle took off his helmet and gave it to her like he was reading her mind. But the motorcycle wouldn't slow down. 

"Kyle! Stop this is crazy!!" What she didn't know was that the breaks weren't working. He said I love you to her and that's all she could remember. Everything went black. Tyler could hear people talking but didn't know what they were saying. Soon came along sirens. She tried to open her eyes but couldn't seem to be able to. Every small muscle and bone in her body were aching. What happened, she wondered. 

That's when she lost all consciousness. The doctors were running her into the hospital. Trying to get her and her brother to rooms as soon as possible. She was still breathing but couldn't hear or move. It was like she was trapped in her own body.

Soon she was able to hear again. She heard a woman scream and start crying. It sounded like her brothers girlfriend, Emily. What was happening, she tried to scream but couldn't. Was it her brother who she was screaming about? She was so scared.

Finally she could open her eyes. There were tubes in her nose and she was hooked up to a breathing machine. There were a few doctors and Emily standing around her. Emily had notices she was awake and ran towards her, crying. 

Tyler tried to speak but nothing came out. Until eventually she coughed. 

"Wha... What.. happened?" Was all she managed to get out. 

Her brother was 27 and Emily was 25, they had been living together along with Tyler. They were all she had left. 

Emily cried into her stomach which was still in some pain. "He.. He saved you," She cried. "Sorry, He's gone Tyler." Her sobs were getting louder. 

Tyler was in so much pain but didn't care. She could barely move, yet she got up. It took all of her energy to talk. 

"What do you mean!?" She screamed, tears rolling down either side of her cheek. 

"He's dead." Emily said sadly while trying to calm her down. 

Tyler started throwing things, she took off the tubes and threw them to the ground.

"Calm down Tyler, I know I loved him too but we have to stay strong." Emily tried to get her to lay down again but failed. 

Tyler started crying. With every tear came a memory. 


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