Kissing In Cars (Pierce The Veil Fanfiction)


7. The First Punch

Jade's P.O.V.

I was off today and doing absolutely nothing until I got a facetime call from Tony. "Hey! I apologize for looking fabulously ugly right now." I said, laughing. "More like fabulously perfect. Wanna go to the park with me?" He asked. I smiled and nodded. "Sounds fun." I answered. "I'll pick you up in a little." He replied. "Great, gives me time to get ready." I smirked. "But I love when you go out in my shirts that I give you." He said.

"So do I. But, I am only wearing your shirt and panties so I need to put pants on." I explained. "Or not." He winked. I laughed and shook my head. "See ya soon." I blew him a kiss through the phone.

We ended the FaceTime call and I jumped off of my bed, grabbing my black yoga pants and a dark blue beanie, and put them on. I loved how when I wear Tony's clothes, I get to smell his wonderful scent. "He's the one." I said to myself. "It's fucking obvious that he's the one." I added. I smiled as I noticed and decided that today would be a good day to tell him. I heard a beep coming from outside and it interrupted my thoughts. I grabbed my phone, quickly took a selfie, and then walked out the door; locking it behind me. I ran to his car and climbed in. Right when I sat down, Tony grabbed my face and brung it towards his, our lips smashing into each other. "Hey." He said as our kiss vanished.

"I would love to be greeted like that all the time." I replied blushing.

He smiled and started to drive. "Such a beautiful day." I let out, looking out the window. "Yeah. It is." He agreed, pointing at a rainbow. "Everything looks so much beautiful and amazing when I'm with you." He added. I felt my cheeks get red. "Yeah, I have that effect when I'm with people." I laughed. When I noticed that we passed the park we usually go to, I was confused.

"So where are we going?" I asked. "You like The Walking Dead, right?" He answered. "Yeah." I smiled. "Don't you dare tell me you're taking me to The Walking Dead Escape at ComicCon." I added.

He smiled really big and I got so excited, ready to scream. "Oh my fucking god, Tony Perry I love you so much!! God dammit thank you thank you thank you!" I screamed. Hugging him while he was driving. He kissed my forehead and smiled. Shit, I just said I loved him. I noticed his smile fading into a smirk, him probably realizing what I said.

I coughed loudly and sat back up in my seat. "So we should be there in...?" I changed the subject. "About 35 minutes." He said.

"Really, thank you so much." I replied. "No problem." He smiled. I was looking through my texts, texting my sister from Florida about Tony and going to The Walking Dead escape; which I have been wanting to do for the past 3 or 4 years.

I clicked on Chad's recent message, him talking about how him being such a huge dick makes him have a huge dick. I started laughing, and Tony smiled, his eyes gazing at me a few times while driving. "What's so funny, beautiful?" He asked "Nothing, Chad sent me something really funny." I smiled. His smile faded and I tried my best to change the subject. "So I told my parents and sister about you." Was the best I could do. "They really want to meet you." I added. "Oh really?" He asked, smirking. "Yeah, they said that from what I said about you, you sound really decent and handsome and I quote 'the perfect person for my daughter'." I answered, blushing.

"Did they really say that?" He asked, getting happy. I nodded. We parked and once we got out, he pressed me against the car and kissed me, gently but very passionate and lustfilled.

"I love you too." He said, eyes filled with hope that I meant what I said before.

I brung his head back to mine and kissed him again. "Good." i smiled. We walked towards the The Walking Dead escape area and we had to fill into this area filled with people. A "soldier" was telling us that a viral outbreak has occured and the streets are dangerous but this is a safe area.

Tony and I were stretching and getting ready for dodging the walkers and all the obsticles. When the soldier told us to go to the next room, we did, and the soldier gave us a description of what was going on. A comissioner told us that there has been a viral outbreak and gave us instructions. He also told us to stay safe and calm. We filled into one more room and the soldier there said that this she has everything under control. She also said that they might have found a curse. But then she said "all I know is is that you better run" anf then she let us go to this area where there was walkers everywhere.

"Ready? Tony asked. "Hell yeah." I answered.

We both ran out, running past the few walkers in the begining and running down the stairs and then up ramps to a survivor. He asked if anyone has been bit and said that if they did then they're done. He cursed under his breath and then explained that the walkers got the captain of the facility.

He then said that walkers cant see us but they can smell us and hear us; he was telling us to not make a fucking sound and then he tolf us to go.

We ran up another ramp where there were walkers in cages, and some eating people.

Tony pulled me before I ran again so we can take a picture with the walkers in a cage. We took a selfie and I started laughing as we ran.

We ran into a place where doctors told us that no one should be up here and some were working on people. Tony and I ran further and saw so many walkers. When we got in this tent, one scared the fuck out of me and I screamed and then started laughing.

"Oh my god that came out of no where." I said while still running and laughing. Tony was dying from me screaming. I gently pushed him and a zombie was right behind him.

"Holy shIT." He screamed and ran. I laughed so hard that I almost fell.

"Shut up." He laughed. We walked to where this doctor was and she asked if we were survivors and then said she needed our help.

She took us to where another doctor got bit on the neck and she started screaming. We started running past here to were patients laying on tables were turned to zombies and the doctors were screaming. We ran past them to where another soldier was. He said that this place was no longer secure and that we were being relocated to another section of the stadium and being taken to a decontamination room. Then we walked to where another soldier was and we told us to go the the break room to get water. We had a few cups of water and started talking about the date. "This is seriously the best date anyone can ever fucking have." I smiled. "It's hella rad." He agreed. We walked to the same soldier who said he was taking us to initiation and gun training.

Then we ran until another soldier stopped the one taking us and said that if we wanted to live we had to go with him; of course we did so.

We followed him and stood quiet as we passed the walkers, them not hearing us so they didn't attack. We ran downstairs to where this girl with a country accent was. We filled in the room and then she asked if we have been bit. She asked what happened and then said we had a way out. She said that there was a lot of them out there and then she opened the doors and we both ran out, going down the stairs to see many cars and walkers. We dodged the first walker, and then Tony rolled over the car as I flipped over it, totally passing the walker. We ran towards the next obsticle but three walkers were there, blocking the way. We got over but the walker almost got Tony. We finally passed that area and went to another place where there was walkers everywhere. We ran past them, the walkers trying to scratch us, but they never did. This one we passed started running towards us, scaring the hell out of me. We ran to where we had to run past gates and boxes that were really tall. Then we stopped where many people where gathered, soldiers were there and they told us to follow them. We stepped inside a tent with a director from public safety, telling us that we are safe and they don't know what was happening. He also was talking about a way out and we had o take a moment for the people who have been bitten. Then lights started to flash and infected people were on the floor, but the people who survived walked out.

"Bruh that was so fun." I said to Tony as we walked outside and to the parking lot. "Yes, and now we know that we'll live during a real zombie apocalypse." He added.

I laughed and stared at him for a few moments. "So, uh, I think you're the o-" I started saying until a few teenagers came up to us, asking for a picture with Tony.

Once they all finished, we got in the car and I stood quiet.

"Sorry, you were saying something back there?" he asked.

"Um.... You know what, I forgot what it was." I answered. He started driving and I grabbed my phone, clicking on Chad's text. He spammed me with pictures of us in High School and I started to smile and laugh like crazy. When I got to the picture that our old friend, Jess, took of both of our tongues sticking out, touching each other, I felt Tony looking. I put away my phone and sat in silence for the rest of the ride home. Once we arrived, Tony looked at me.

"To be honest, I think you're spending too much time with Chad." He said. I looked at him with a confused face and laughed. Clingy Tony is the best thing in the world, but what he said made me mad.

"What do you mean spending too much time with Chad? I spent the day with you, not him. He sent me pictures of us in High School; that was all." I replied. I got out of the car and he followed. "I just... I don't know, I just think you guys are too close." He added. "He has been the only friend that I've known from High School that has stayed. We are very close. If I pick you, I'm sure we'll stay friends." I explained. We were now inside.

He looked passed my shoulder and saw Chad getting out of his car. "See!" He exclaimed. I pulled on his neck so his lips were on mine and I kissed him. He broke the kiss shortly after, complaining about Chad and I being close.

Chad walked in and closed the door behind him. "Did you get my texts?" He asked.

I nodded, about to talk but getting interrupted by someones lips crashing into mine. I opened my eyes, seeing Chad. Tony grabbed him by his shirt and threw him on the ground. "Don't you dare fucking kiss her." He said to Chad. Chad punched him and my hands went up to my face. "She likes me more." Chad said, throwing another punch. "Chad get the fuck away from him, you're going to hurt him." I yelled.

"Did she tell you that she said she loved me today?" Tony asked. Chad looked at me, and then his face was accompanied by Tony's fist. Tony kept on punching and kicking Chad.

"Stop!" I screamed, now stepping infront of Chad.

He stopped and walked out. "Chad get out." I quietly said.

"Wait what?" He asked. "Get. The. Fuck. Out." I answered. He looked at me like I was the one who did something wrong even though he threw the first punch (A/N: lol the first punch, pierce the veil, guYS IM FUNNY). I closed the door behind him, and locked it, running upstairs and taking a long, relaxing shower. When I got out, I put on my bra and leggings, and then climbed in bed. I closed my eyes, and started to sleep, peacefully.

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