Kissing In Cars (Pierce The Veil Fanfiction)


5. Kissing in Cars

Jade's P.O.V.

It's been 4 days since the last time I've seen or spoke to Tony or Chad. I put on my black over the knee socks, and my combat boots, and grabbed my phone. Another phone call from Chad and a text from Tony.

Ever since the day Chad and I have kissed, it's all been awkward, and I honestly didn't want to explain my feelings to them. I grabbed my car keys and my dark blue beanie, and walked out the door. I locked the door, and climbed in my car. I was wearing a white ruffled top, floral high waisted shorts, black over the knee socks, and blue beanie.

I started the car and drove to work. In a few minutes, I arrived and I walked in. I looked at my phone, it buzzing from a text. Sighing deeply, I slide the bar to unlock and put in my passcode. I read all my text messages from Tony and started smiling. Most of the time he was saying good morning and good night and telling me about his day and joking about me ignoring him and saying that ignoring him won't do anything.

Chad on the other hand just said hey and kept on asking if I was even alive or if I was ignoring him or why I was. I walked into my job and waved at Sam. "Damn, look at you." She said.

"Do I look bad?" I asked. "What the fuck? That's like impossible. How's your day going, gorgeous?" She answered, giving me a hug. I laughed and sighed. "It's going eh, how about yours, darling?" I replied. "Mine is pretty flawless. For now." She smiled. "That's grand! Thanks for asking, by the way." I explained.

"No problem, and hey, cheer up... You have someone here for you." She said. I smirked and said thanks, then walked into the room I normally work in.

I walked to my chair and sat down in front of the person in the chair.

"Long time no see." I heard Tony's voice say. I looked up and smiled. "Oh my gosh, Tony! I read everything you sent me, i was going to reply today." I explained, jumping up and hugging him.

"Y'know, when a guy texts you for 4 days straight even though you don't reply back, you should at least tell them why." He said.

"Yes, I know." I answered. "Is the beautiful girl going to tell me why she ignored me?" Tony asked, smiling. "That's for me to know and you to find out, Mr. Perry." I answered. He stood and walked up to me. His face was so close to mine. "How about I found out tonight? Your friend, Sam I think, invited me to a party she was having tonight because she was going to tell you and she figured I would take you and she was right. I'm going to take you." He whispered.

His face moved back a little, so our lips were 4 centimeters away from each other and so that he can see me. He looked at my eyes and then my mouth and I bit my lip.

"Uh, yeah. Sure. Sounds fun." I agreed.

He pulled me in an embrace. His hands were on my back, pushing me closer to him. My hands were running through his hair. God I love the way he smells and the way he feels so warm when I hug him. "Juliet, I ne- Oh, sorry!" I heard Alex say, which interrupted our moment. I laughed. "It's okay. What do you need me to do?" I asked. She looked at Tony and smiled. "I need you to do hi-" She started. "GO." I sternly said. She laughed and walked away.

"I'm glad we finally found something to do before our dinner in 3 days." He murmured. "Me too. I love hanging out with you." I agreed. He kissed my cheek, and smiled. "I'll see you soon." He said, going out. After he completely left, I walked out of the room and looked at Sam, Alex, and David.

"So... how was your customer?" David asked. "Did you please him?" Sam added. They all laughed and I covered my mouth, trying not to laugh.

"You guys are horrible. It was just a hug. He doesn't like me." I murmured. "You know that's not true. And to add to him liking you, you like him back." Alex replied. I nodded. "But the thing is... Chad and I kissed the other day, and I kind of like him too." I confessed. Their mouths dropped. "Holy shit." David said. "Which one should I pick?" I asked.

"Make a pro and cons list." Sam answered.

"That's brilliant. Thank you so very much." I said. "Can I take the day off, I'm kind of eh today." I added.

"Yeah, sure. Looks like you got a lot on your mind." David agreed. "Thank you so much." I exclaimed. I gave them all a hug and ran out of the shop. I bumped into someone and almost fell but firm and strong hands caught me. "Jade!" I heard Chad's voice. "Fuck." I let out of my breath. "Hey." I sighed. "Hey." He replied. Thank god he did not hear what I said before. "Why aren't you returning my calls?" He asked. "Uh... Things have been complicated." I answered. "Are we okay?" He asked. "Yeah! Of course." I replied. He kissed my cheek and I smiled.

"Got to go though. I'll start returning your calls and texts." I said, walking to my car. I got in, and drove to my house. When I arrived, I walked in, closed the door, got my Harry Potter journal from Diagon Alley in Florida's Universal, and started making a pros and cons list. I started to write, and it ended up looking like this:


Pros: In Pierce The Veil. Very talented. Fucking amazing at guitar. Grand hair. Grand face. Loves Star Wars. Loves Harry Potter. Loves Turtles. Loves Disney. Very funny. Loves to joke around. Great tattoos. He said "keep your boobs in your shirt, bring the star wars toys instead" and I really respect him for that. I've always wanted to become his friend/girlfriend. He's fav in Pierce The Veil. When I'm in his arms, I feel at home. Very caring. Surprises me a lot. Loves to take pictures with me. Texts me good morning and good night. He gave me his shirt with his scent and fuck I love that. Compliments me. Great personality damn. Everything tbh.

Cons: technically just met him even though I've known him for a while.


Pros: Grand hair. Grand face. Likes bands. In a band. Stunning voice. Good at guitar. Great kisser. I've known him for a long time. Cares a lot about me. I can tell him ALMOST everything. Likes to joke around with me. Took me on a random road trip in the middle of the night in Sophomore year. Listens to my bullshit. Has blue eyes. Compliments me a lot. The only guy friend who hasn't left. Loves Disney. Pretty great personality. He does this cute thing where he stares at me and then I stare back at him and then we both stick our tongue out at the same time.

Cons: Doesn't like to take photos with me. Doesn't let me borrow his shirts or hoodies ugh. Gets jealous too easily. Gets way too aggressive when drunk. Thinks that the way I usually speak my mind and don't care about most things is being lazy. If he actually liked me, he should've told me by now.

I compared both of them and I was still stuck. "This is shit." I whispered. I jumped on my bed, and screamed in a pillow. "Fuck it, I'm going to sleep." I let out, throwing the blankets on top of me.

I closed my eyes, and started to sleep.

*a few hours later*

I was awoken by a ring coming from my phone. I picked up and yawned. "H-hello?" I asked, still half-asleep. "Are you ready? I'm outside." I heard Tony say. "Fuck. Fuck. I was sleeping." I said. I ran downstairs and opened the door. "Damn you look nice." I said, as I saw him. He had flowers in his hands. "These are for you." He said, looking at me and smiling.

"Thank you so much Tony. I'm so sorry, I was sleeping, I forgot." I murmured, getting a vase, putting water in it, and putting the flowers in them.

"It's alright. Things happen." He smiled. "I'm going to take a quick shower. Help me get ready afterwards? It'll only take a few minutes." I asked. He nodded. "Sure." He agreed. "You can wait in my bed if you want to be more comfy, I'll be in the bathroom connected to the bedroom, if you need anything." I offered. He nodded. I ran upstairs, and when I got in the bathroom, I undressed. I hopped in the shower, and started to wash every inch of my body. "Tony!" I screamed. I heard him open the door and he asked what I needed. "Can you get my back, I could never reach?" I asked.

"W-wait what? Aren't you naked?" He replied. I smiled at him being a gentleman. Most guys would say yes and try to fuck the person asking too. "Yes, but I trust you. You'll see me naked, but I know you, and you wouldn't do anything that I wouldn't do to you." I explained.

"If it was the other way around, I would probably do something to you though, aye." I thought.

He slowly opened the curtains, and I turned a little and gave him the soap. I saw him eyeing my body, and I smirked a little at how nervous he was. He started to move the soap on my back, and I jumped a little, at the feeling of someone elses hands doing that instead of mine.

After a few seconds, he stopped. He put the soap in my hands and walked out. Holy shit. A few moments later, I finished my shower. I dried myself and I walked out of the shower, my towel wrapped around my body.

"Thanks, Tony. I really appreciate it. I know you must've been nervous or felt weird." I smiled at him. "Oh, yeah, it's fine, it's fine. I''ve always got your back." He replied. I opened my closet, looking for clothes. I grabbed a navy bliss floral tea dress, and my eurameriacn style black close toe lace-up chunky heel boots. I put on my lace panties and my matching bra. "Close this for me?" I asked. He got up, walking to me. He moved my hair to the side, and grabbed each side of the bra, pushing them together so it would close.

Once he closed it, I turned and smiled at him. "Thanks." I said. He looked down at my body and then quickly looked into my eyes. "Y-you're welcome." He replied. Our lips were, once again, very close to each other, and I would kill for his lips to touch mine right now. He looked away, and gave me my dress.

I smiled to him as a thanks and put it on. I put on deodorant, and perfume and sat infront of my dresser. "Can you make my hair look pretty?" I asked him, opening up my make up box. He looked at me and laughed.

"I could try." He smiled. I would glance at him a few times, watching how delicately he handled my hair and I'd smile.

He looked at me in the mirror and smirked. "I like the way you're staring at me." He kissed my cheek. My cheek burned with heat as his lips were gently pressed on them for a while. Once he pulled away, I smiled and noticed my blushing. "Is that blushing I see?" He asked. "Hell yeah it is." I answered, laughing. "You don't even need blush when I'm around. I'll just try my best to make you blush." He murmured. I bit my lip, looking at him smiling, just admiring him.

"Here, it's done." He said, putting a thin headband on me that pulls back my fringe. My hair was magnificent. It was a messy braid with my fringe pulled back by a headband, and honestly, I couldn't have done it better. "Holy shit, thank you so much!" I jumped off my seat and jumped on him. I noticed everywhere he touched me burned with heat and my stomach felt weird.

He placed me down on the floor and I smiled. "Let's get going, then." He smiled. We left and got in his car. "That only took 10 minutes, thanks to you." I said. "We make a great team." He agreed. I was about to turn on music but Tony's hand was place on mine. "Oh, sorry, I was going to turn on the radio." He said, staring at our hands. It was a red light. "It's totally fine, I don't mind." I replied.

He took my hand and held it, not on the radio, not by mistake this time. He put my hand in his and tangled his fingers with mine, our hands held together while his other hand was driving.

My heart was beating out of my chest, and my stomach was fluttering. I guess this is what they call butterflies in your stomach. I've never felt this way before about anyone. I had crushes and stuff and boyfriends, but I never felt this way.

I smiled as he squeezed my hand. I felt like screaming "yes, fuck yes, I ship it, I ship us, we're grand together, let's just make out and get pizza like damn yes."

In a few moments, we arrived. He parked the car, and got out, opening my door for me. "Such a gentleman." I smiled. "Yup, that's me." He replied. I grabbed his hand, and he looked at me, smiling. "No, stop, whenever you smile my heart melts." I said, blushing, and looking away. "Fine, how about this?" He asked, doing a weird smile. "You still look fucking adorable." I answered. "Well how about you, and how your noes scrunches up whenever you laugh." He added. I laughed, not even noticing. "Yes, exactly, like that! You have to stop, it's so cute." He said. "I didn't even know that I do that." I smiled. "And how you blush every time I touch you." He added, putting one hand on my back and gently pushing my body towards his. "See! Or you either look away." He explained.

"Or how your eyes twinkle every time you see me or hear my voice or see me smiling or laughing." He added. My heart was about to explode, my stomach was fluttering with god damn butterflies.

I put my hand on his neck, gently pulling his head down to meet mine, and placed my lips on his. My other hand was playing with his hair, and his hands were on my waist and back, pulling me closer to him to deepen the kiss. Holy shit he's a great kisser. I pulled away and smiled. "I've been wanting to do that for a long time." I admitted. He was speechless. He kissed me again, his hands on my face. He bit my lip, and I smiled. "I've been wanting to do that since I met you." He said, when he pulled away.

"I really, really, really like you." He added. "I feel like this is a dream. Is it? Because if it is, I'm just going to faint." I murmured. He laughed. "It's not a dream." He replied. "I have never felt this way before. Is this bad? Oh god." I said to myself. "It's not bad. I feel the same way." He replied.

I laughed. "I'm surprised I haven't scared you away." I said. "Oh please, you'd never scare me away." He smiled. He grabbed my hand and we walked inside. As soon as we walked in, Sam greeted Tony and I.

"You guys came! Good. There are drinks in the fridge, food on the counter, bathroom upstairs anddddd there's a pool if you guys want to go for a romantic night swim." She explained. "Thank you, Sam." I replied. "Damn you guys look hot." Alex added, giving me a hug. "Hottest couple of the year award goes to Jade and Tony!" Sam laughed.

"Oh my god, shut up." I blushed. Tony grabbed the champagne and he told me to come with him. We went in the back, and sat down on the grass, where it wasn't that loud. "Look, a guitar." I said, and grabbed it.

"Play something for me?" I asked. "I'll sing with you if I know the song." I added, giving it to him. He took a sip from the champagne bottle and I grabbed it from him, also taking a sip.

He tuned the guitar and smiled. He started strumming the guitar and playing Kissing In Cars. Once he started to sing, I was so shocked. His voice was beautiful, like god damn it sounded so amazing and mesmerizing. I joined in, and his eyes immediately looked at me. He started to smile while singing and playing and I blushed.

Once the song finished, he put the guitar down and looked at me.

"Damn girl, you have a beautiful voice." He smiled. "So do you, like damn." I replied. "Kissing In Cars is such a great song." I added. "It's also a such a great thing to do." He murmured. I softly pushed him and laughed. I looked around, and then back at him.

"Fuck it, let's do it." I smiled. We grabbed the champagne and ran to his car. We drove to the park and parked. I pulled him to the back of the car.

He put on Issues and we started to jam out to them and drink from the champagne bottle.

When the song Late came on, I got so happy. "Yeah I would wake up next to you, if I could." I sang, looking at Tony. "And I would stare straight past them all to you." Tony sang back. He tightly wrapped his arms around me, and placed his lips on mine.

Our lips were perfectly in sync with each other, and we were just enjoying the moment. "I like you a lot." He mumbled against my lips. "I feel the same." I replied against his lips. Once the song ended, we decided to go to his house. Once we arrived, I walked in and plopped myself on his couch. "Y'know, you are a really good kisser and an even better person." I said.

"Same to you." He smiled, sitting down next to me, handing me a water bottle. I drank half of the water and Tony put on TMNT. I fell asleep after 8 episodes, warm, safe, and cozy in Tony's arms.

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