Kissing In Cars (Pierce The Veil Fanfiction)


3. Glad I Caught You

Jade's P.O.V.

I woke up from a nice long sleep and looked at the clock, 9:30 AM. I sighed as I got up, and I walked to the bathroom. I started the shower, took off my clothes, and hopped in. After taking an exhilarating shower, I grabbed my bra and panties and put them on. "What to wear, what to wear?" I muttered. I grabbed a white tee shirt, knit maroon and gray tribal print cardigan, dark wash denim shorts, sheer black tights, and black combat boots. I put the outfit on, and fixed my hair.

I grabbed my Pierce The Veil beanie, put it on, and did my make up. Putting on my combat boots and grabbing my car keys, I walked out the door. I got in my car, and drove to my job; the tattoo place.

Once I got there, I parked in my special spot, got out of the car, locked it, and walked in. "Hello gorgeous!" Alex, my friend who works there as well greeted me. "Hey beautiful! Good morning." I replied. She gave me a hug. "You have a special customer here for you." She whispered. I raised my eyebrows, surprised. I went into the room where the special customer was and smiled when I saw Tony sitting there. "Hey Tony." I said, sitting down on a stool, in front of him.

"I'm glad you were working today, if not then I would've had to come back tomorrow." He replied. "Wow, so I'm like your tattoo artist now." I murmured

"Yeah, I thought a change would be nice. Plus I wanted to see you." He replied. "Tony Perry wanted to see me? Oh wow, this is fantastic." I said, laughing. He smiled, looking at me. "Your laugh is so adorable." He murmured. "Awh, Tony, your smile is adorable, and so is every other thing that you do." I replied.

"Thanks." He said, blushing. I smiled. "So what kind of tattoo would you like?" I asked. He told me what he was thinking about getting. I drew it on a piece of paper and showed him. "So like this?" I asked. He smiled. "Yes, exactly like that. It's perfect." He answered. "Good." I replied.

I got up and got the tools, and then sat back down. "Okay, be still." I said. I started to give him the tattoo and he sat back, not making a move. When I finished, he looked at it and smiled. "Holy shit, it looks great!" He exclaimed. "It was my pleasure doing it, Tony." I replied. We walked to the cash register. I gave him a discount and he payed me the amount it came out to be. "Wow, thank you so much Jade, you're awesome." He said, giving me a hug.

"Just doing my job, Tone Tone." I replied. He laughed. "Hey, when do you get off?" He asked. "I get off at 5:30." I answered.

"I'm going to pick you up at 6:30, okay? Text me your address, I want to take you to meet the rest of the boys. They've been wanting to meet you." He said. "You can bring your friend from yesterday too, if you'd like." He added.

"Okay, thanks. I'll see you later then." I said. "Have a nice day at work, I'll call you when I'm on my way to pick you up." He replied as he walked out the door.

"He totally likes you." Another friend of mine, Sam, said. "Oh please, if Chad has known me since High School and he still doesn't like me, then Tony Perry of Pierce The Veil doesn't like me like that." I replied.

"You know that Chad has a huge crush on you, right?" Alex bursted into the conversation. "I doubt it." I replied. "Tell me more about Chad?" Another worker, David, said.

Alex and Sam told him all the things Chad and I did and still do together and David smiled. "Yup, he likes you. So does Tony." He stated. "They both don't, I swear." I replied. "Say whatever you want, darling, we know they like you." Sam said with her British accent.

I sighed, knowing that they most likely don't. I got back to work, and so did everyone else.

*after work*

I was on my way home and I called Chad. "Hey, dip shit." I said. "Hey cunt muffin." He replied. "Love it." I laughed. "Can you be at my house around 6:15?" I asked. "Yeah, why?" He answered. "Well Tony asked me to meet the rest of ptv and he said you can come along." I replied.

There was a silence until he sighed. "Yeah, okay, I'll be there soon." He said, hanging up. I arrived at my house and jumped in the shower.

I washed my hair and body, twice, making sure I smelled good, as always. I walked to my room and looked at my closet. I picked out a white tank top, and a black daisy skater skirt. I grabbed a skinny brown belt and put the items on.

I put on my leather jacket and then fixed my hair. I did my make up and then I grabbed a banana, eating it because I was hungry. I heard a knock on my door.

"Hey beautiful!" He exclaimed. "Hey handsome." I replied. We hugged and he kissed me on the cheek. It was half way on my lips and half way on my cheek. We both laughed. I mean, we have actually kissed before in high school due to many truth or dares, so it wasn't awkward.

"So where's your knight in shinning armor?" He asked. I opened my mouth, about to answer but I received a call. "He's calling right now." I answered. I picked up the call.

"Hey you." He said. "Hey you." I replied. I looked at Chad and saw him roll his eyes. "Are you ready?" He asked. "Yeah, so is Chad." I answered. "Great. I'll be there in a few minutes." He said. "See you soon, Tone Tone." I murmured. "See you soon, babe." He said.

I took no mind to when he called me babe. Lots of boys call girls that when they're just friends, its cute. "Did he just call you babe and did you just call him Tone Tone?" Chad asked. "Yeah, why?" I answered.

"Nothing, it seems like you two are dating." He replied. I rolled my eyes. I heard a knock on the door and I opened it.

"Hey!" I exclaimed. "Hey. Wow, you look gorgeous." Tony replied, handing me flowers.

"You look handsome yourself." I said. He gave me a hug and kissed my cheek. "Thanks for these flowers, Tony. They're beautiful." I replied, sniffing them. "Just like you." He murmured. I kissed his cheek. "Awh, thank you so much." I said.

I put them into a vase with water. "Hey Chad, how are you doing?" Tony asked. "I'm doing great, how about you?" Chad answered. "I'm doing awesome, thanks for asking."

"How's the album coming along?" Chad asked. "It's coming along really great, actually. I can't wait for you guys to hear it." He answered. I came back and smiled. "Okay, are we ready to go?" I asked, grabbing my phone.

"Yes." Chad and Tony answered. We walked out of my house, me locking the door behind us. I got in the front with Tony, and Chad sitting in the back. "Thank you for the tattoo, earlier, I showed the boys and they loved it." Tony said, interrupting the silence. "My pleasure. I love tattooing, especially when the customer actually keeps me entertained." I replied. "She's great right?" Chad asked.

"Yeah, she's great." Tony answered. I smiled. We arrived at a house and we walked to the door. "This is Jaime's house, guys." Tony said. He knocked and looked at me, smiling.

Jaime opened the door and smiled at us. "You must be Jade! Tony has been talking nonstop about you since yesterday." Jaime greeted me. He gave me a hug and I smiled. "It's nice to meet you Jaime." I replied. "Come in, come in." He said. I walked in and Chad walked in behind me.

"Holy shit." He whispered in my ear. "We just met Jaime."

"See, it's a good thing working in a tattoo place and being at the right place at the right time." I replied. He rolled his eyes and I smiled. Tony and Jaime walked to me. "Oh, this is my best friend since high school, Chad." I introduced them. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Jaime. Love your bass skills." Chad said.

"Your singing is magnificent as well." I added. Jaime smiled and thanked us. "Well the boys are waiting for your arrival in the other room. They're watching Harry Potter." Jaime replied. "Fuck yes!" I screamed. "I'm guessing you like Harry Potter." Jaime murmured. "She loves Harry Potter." Chad said. I nodded as I walked into the other room. Tony stood next to me.

"Guys, this is Jade. And her best friend Chad." Tony said. They paused the movie and Mike and Vic stood up. "Woah, she's even more prettier than you explained." Vic murmured. I glanced at Tony and he was blushing.

"We promised not to embarrass our little Tony today but that's probably what we're going to do." Mike said. I laughed.

"Well it's nice to meet you, Vic and Mike. I love your drumming skills and your singing and guitar skills. You're very talented brothers." I replied. "It's nice to meet the girl Tony has been going on and on about since yesterday." Vic smirked.

"He talks about you like he has known you since forever." Mike added. I blushed. I looked at Chad, and felt a bit bad. "Oh guys, this is my best friend, Chad. He's in a band actually. His voice is absolutely incredible." I said. "Hello Chad, you play guitar?" Vic asked. "Yeah, I've been playing since I was 7." Chad answered.

"We would love to hear you play and sing for us one day." Jaime said, smiling. "Of course, I'd love to play and sing for you guys to hear." Chad replied. "Good. Well food's done." Jaime announced.

We walked to the dinning room and sat down on the table. I sat down next to Chad, Tony in front of me, and Mike in front of Chad. Vic and Jaime were on the end of the table, across from each other. "Wow, this is really good. You can cook Jaime." I said.

"He really can right? He cooks on our dates." Vic murmured. I laughed. Jaime looked at him and smiled. "The things I'll do for my main squeeze." Jaime said.

"Chad cooked for me once. It was surprisingly really good but he never did it again." I replied. "I told you it was because I almost burned down your house." He murmured. Everyone laughed.

"Tony cooks really good actually." Mike replied. I glanced at Tony and he smiled. "They say I do, but I wouldn't say really good." He laughed. "I'd love to be the judge of that." I smirked. "Next week?" He asked. "Sure. Saturday?" I answered.. "Sounds great." He replied. "I agree."

After we finished, I grabbed all of their plates and Chad and I washed them. "You don't have to do that, guys." Jaime said. "It's the least thing we can do. You cooked us a dinner, we can wash the plates." Chad replied. We were almost finished with the dishes, and then Tony came in. Chad looked at him and then at me. "I'll be right back." He said.

Tony came in front of me and I smiled. "Thank you for coming. It was fun." He said. "Thank you for inviting me. It was a pleasure meeting the rest of ptv. Plus, I get to see you next weekend so that's something to look forward to." I replied.

"It's always a pleasure to see you." He murmured. I blushed. I was almost done with the dishes, until he put soap on my nose. My jaw dropped and he laughed. "Ugh your laugh is really cute." I said under my breath. "What?" He asked.

"Oh nothing. I was just wondering if your mom ever told you to not put soap from the dishes on a girl named Jade unless you want to get sprayed with water." I answered, and then sprayed him with water. His jaw dropped and I started to laugh. "Want a hug?" He asked. "Don't you dare." I replied. He opened his arms and started chasing me. We were both laughing and I couldn't even breathe for a sec from laughing so much.

I almost slipped but Tony caught me. "Glad I caught you." He murmured. He sprayed me with water and hugged me. "You're wonderful." I whispered in his ear.

"Not as wonderful as you." He replied. I felt where I belonged when I was in his embrace, it felt as if I was home. It was so warm and comforting even though we were both soaking wet.

I opened my eyes and I saw Chad standing there, staring at us hugging, looking a bit annoyed. He let go of me and I flashed Chad a smile. "You still have soap on your nose." He said.

Chad's P.O.V.

I quietly walked to the dark hall and eavesdropped . I saw Tony and Jade talking. I know what you guys are probably thinking, that I'm jealous and I shouldn't be because I should've made a move on Jade a long time ago; well it's not really easy when you don't really have much time to hang with her and she's so pretty and she just makes you so nervous.

Tony put soap on her nose and then Jade sprayed him with water. Tony opened his arms and started chasing here. Jade slipped on water and he caught her, spraying water on her, and then hugging her.

She opened her eyes and saw me standing there. I think she knew I was annoyed, which was why she and him stopped hugging. She flashed me a smile.

"You still have soap on your nose." I said.

I really wanted to say "I'll take care of that" and kiss her, which would cause both of us to have soap on out faces, but I didn't. She's on a date with Tony Perry, and he's very nice, and they have one next week. All I want is for Jade to be happy.

For the rest of the night, we watched all the Harry Potter movies and Jade and Tony were cuddling the whole time. I was talking to Jaime, Vic, and Mike about both of our bands and their new album and stuff like that. I looked at the time and knew we were sleeping over. I closed my eyes, on the last Harry Potter movie and fell asleep.

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