Hello I'm Hannah Horan! My ex-boyfriend went missing 2 months ago. I kicked him out after he told me he cheated on me and I told him I was pregnant. This is my story.
A/N: None of the people in here are famous and won't be in the book. We'll except for one. None of the birthdays are the real birthdays. Hope you enjoy! Maybe some cussing.


1. How It Happened.

There's the poster. It was just hanging there on the window with his picture on it. He has been missing for about 2 months. Cameron Boyce. He was my boyfriend before he went missing. We were together for 2 years and 3 months. It was the summer before our freshman year. It was me, Boyce, Nash, Hunter, Spencer, Aria, Jade, and Louis. We were all at my house. I have a house with my mom, but I live in our barn in the backyard. Oh I forgot to tell you my name. I'm Hannah Horan. I have two brothers who I NEVER get to see because they live in Ireland with my dad. My brothers are Niall and Greg. They both graduated high school already while I'm still a freshman. Greg is 22, Niall is 21, and I'm 15 almost 16. July 23, 1998 is when I was born. My girl best friend are Spencer Hood, Aria Irwin, and Jade Thirlwall. Jade is British and a only child. Spencer is Australian with a hot older brother named Calum. Aria is also Australian and has a older brother named Ashton. They all moved here when I did. That was in first grade same with my guy best friends. My guy best friends consist of Louis Tomlinson, Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, and Hunter McBride. Nash, Hunter, and Dallas moved here from New York and are only child's. Louis is British and has three younger sisters. There is Lottie who is 13, the 11 year old twins Daisy and Fizzy. They are all fun to hang out with but are loud just like their older brother. The night Boyce went missing all of us were at my barn. Well not Dallas because he was spending time with his parents before they left the next day. His parents said he could stay with my while they were away. Everybody but me and Spencer were drinking. I wasn't drinking because I was a month pregnant and Spencer wasn't drinking because she is a goody-two shoes all the time. "Let's play truth or dare!" Aria yelled. We all nodded in agreement. Our game lasted so long everybody but me and Boyce fell asleep. Once we knew everybody was really asleep we went outside to talk. "Babe, I need to tell you something" he told me, which made me nervous. I just nodded because I didn't trust my voice at the moment. "When I went on vacation to Jackson, Mississippi I met a really beautiful girl named Sunjai. I cheated on you. I'm so sorry." he said like I was going to start crying. "So not only did you cheat on me but you cheated on me with a dancing skank!" I yelled. "She is not a skank!" he yelled back at me. "Well I hope you are happy with her because we are done. Oh and you know how you left a month ago for your vacation? Yeah well the day before we had sex I slept with Calum, and I'm pregnant with either your kid or his kid but you won't be the father of my child." I yelled at him and skipped back into the barn to see a wide eyed Louis looking at me. "I'm so sorry, babe" he said hugging me. "I'm fine Lou. Boyce is a dickfuck." I said laughing. "I am going to talk to Calum tomorrow and see what he wants to do. If he doesn't want to be the father will you?" I asked him. I looked up at his face and he had a terrified look written all over it. "What?" I asked. He just pointed behind me so I turned around to see a mad Spencer. "Spence, don't be mad. Think of it this way if it is your brothers, you will be an aunt." I said backing up. "You think I'm mad at you for banging my brother? Well I'm not. I'm upset you didn't tell me, Han." she said looking calm. "I'm sorry. It's just when we woke up the next morning we both promised not to tell anybody." I said looking at her with sorry all over my face. "I forgive you. I can't stay mad at my best friend." she said hugging me. "What about me? I thought I was your best friend." Louis pouted. "You are my guy best friend, Lou." Spencer said pulling him into our hug. "YAY!" Louis said like a little kid on Christmas Day. "Ok let's get to bed. Little Horan needs some sleep." Lou said laughing. "Watch it Tommo! It might be Little Hood." Spence said laughing harder. "I'm so glad you are ok with this." I said looking at her. "I'm ready to be an aunt!" She yelled. "I'm going to talk to him when you go home tomorrow, Spence." I said. She just nodded.

That's how it all started!

A/N: This is the first chapter of this new book. I hope you all like it. Don't worry if you like Bring It there will be more of them in this book.

Much Love,

Tomhi XOXO

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