The love that will end

Harry potter and his gang with a few new characters/scenes Enjoy:)


3. The three broomsticks

Harry woke up, pulled on his clothes, and headed to the three broomsticks. It was quite crowded when he got inside. Harry looked around trying to look through the crowd for Severa. Then he spotted a beautiful girl sitting in the corner,"Hello Harry."Said severa."Hello, crowded isn't it?"Harry asked as he took a seat."Very I thought you'd never show up, so whos he?"severa asked as a stubby Ravenclaw boy came and took a seat next to Harry."Im Razah rollingcone here to see Harry."Said Razah,"Quite crowded, right?" Razah dug in his schoolbag and pulled out a biscuit.Both Harry and Severa looked very uncomfortable."Look Razah what do you want?"Harry asked.

"I want to know how you managed to defeat the dark lord?"Razah asked,"You know, I believe you did it." Harry looked astonished. No single Ravenclaw that he knew of believed him. Severa looked furious,"Harry,"Severa said beggingful.Harry knew Razah had to leave,"Razah I'll meet up with you later, Im er- on a date."Harry looked at Severa, which seemed to look more happy.Razah looked at him then said,"Quidditch field at 2;00 meet me there ill bring my broom and you bring yours."Razah finished his sentence and walked away."Hes a funny git,"said severa,"He Keeps biscuits in his backpack!"Harry and severa rolled on the floor laughing- at least felt like it then chattered away,"Two butterbeers please."Harry told the old rusty man behind the counter.

They finished thier butterbeers, and travled off. "HARRY! wait!"Severa yelled. harry looked back at her,"Yes?" Harry replied,"You've got butterbeer on your mustache!" She quickly wiped his face with her napkan and travled off.


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