The love that will end

Harry potter and his gang with a few new characters/scenes Enjoy:)



As harry walked back to the common room a fourth year girl was in harrys usual seat,"Hello er- your in my seat."Harry told the girl.The girl looked up and said,"Oh sorry -dear- harry Potter! Im Krista winter." She looked rather shy but sweet. Harry heard a door creek open and so did Krista. Ron emerged out of the boys dormitory,"Hey Harry howed it go with Razah?!" Ron asked. Krista blushed at Ron.Right then harry could tell Krista liked ron,"It went great-he ruined my date-"Harry had an idea,"Ill leave you two alone because uhhhh.......I have to use the john!"Harry ran away to the boys dormitory, grabbed the invisibility cloak and ran back to the common room

Harry listened to Ron and kristas conversation,"So krista you know harry?"Ron asked

"yes I do, I fact I just met him, are you best friends?" Krista said flirtivly."well I spo'se never really asked eachother just became best friends."Ron said looking down."Don't be sad, it's the last thing I wanna see-oh I mean-uhh-,blimey I can't take it, Ron I like you."Krista said blushing astonishlay turning her face red.Ron was shocked, and harry chuckled,"Well then krista-"said Ron taking a deep breath,"would you like to be my bird?" Krista smiled brightly,"YES ID LOVE TO!" Said krista as she stood up and embraced Ron tightly around the waist.

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