The love that will end

Harry potter and his gang with a few new characters/scenes Enjoy:)


1. Severa stonewall

Harry glanced over at the rave claws table for a glimpse of cho. As he looked over he was taken over by a beautiful young girl with goblin green eyes. He looked as if he were abducted. Hermione saw Harry's expression and said,"Harry, you should go and talk with her. She in Hufflepuff, and her name is Severa-" Harry was in shock,"Her name is Severa? That's sounds like Severus." Harry exclaimed. "Well you might freak out if I tell you she is related to professor Snape." Hermione said in a gloomy way."So your telling me, that that girl Severa or whatever, is related to snape?" Harry asked, "well yes and-" harry interrupted again,"What?!-"

"BLIMEY HARRY! Give it a break , and stop interrupting! As I was saying she is in Hufflepuff and is related to snape, snape is her uncle." Hermione finished. Harry looked at Hermione in awe."how do you know all this?"harry asked."We take class with Hufflepuff you know, she's a fifth year like us."Hermione said,"And go and talk to her. She is quite nice." Harry took a deep breath and walked over to Severa. "Hi, I'm Harry." Harry said. Severa looked up from her quibbler magazine and smiled,"I'm Severa nice to meet you harry-wait your Harry potter the harry potter?"Severa asked,"yes and I was wondering would you like to go to the three broomsticks with me tomorrow?" Harry asked."Of course I love the three broomsticks, butter beer here I come! Well-"she smiles and blushes,"See you tomorrow harry?" Harry replies,"See you."

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