The love that will end

Harry potter and his gang with a few new characters/scenes Enjoy:)



Harry walked back to Hermione in a happy mood,"I asked her to the three broomsticks, she said yes, and-" Hermione interrupted,"I suppose your doing the right thing Harry, when you guys are at the three broomsticks, you could ask her questions.Anyways what about cho?"Hermione asked."I don't know she is equally as beautiful as severa, severas dark silky curly hair with cho's has no difference." harry said glumly.

Harry said bye to Hermione and went to the Gryffindors common room. Ron cought sight of Harry and jumped,"Harry! this boy-er, a fourth year wants to meet you."Ron said excitedly."Who then?"Harry asked."Razah rollingcone, i spose' he had some questions."

Harry sighed and said,"Where at?" Ron jumped up and down, "The three broomsticks tomorrow!" Ron said. Harry had wondered exactly why Ron was so excited."Ron, whats gotten into you?"Harry asked. Ron looked guilty/happy,"He paid me 20 galleons if I told you to meet him tomorr-"Harry had just remembered about severa,"Ron I can't! Im meeting up with a girl I met today tomorow." harry said. Ron didn't care,"You guys can meet tomorrow the same time. Unless your on a date he'll just see you and come." Ron said sereously and shooed harry off to bed

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