The love that will end

Harry potter and his gang with a few new characters/scenes Enjoy:)


6. Razah rollingcone

Harry fought his way through the crowds."harry don't you think that kid is mental?"Hermione said as she looked out the ledge."yea a bit."said harry."Accio firebolt!"Harry's firebolt summond to him, he flew up to razah,"what do you suppose you're doing?!"harry yelled after razah."doing our meet, what did you think?" Razah said with an attitude. 


harry figured razah had mental problems,"so what did you want to talk about?" Harry asked."I dunno? Teach me quidditch, tell me about you and you know who."razah said as he broke off to the ground.why did he want to know so much?"look I won't tell you anything, dumbledore might not agree with me telling you." Harry yelled as he broke off to the ground to. "Don't be a smart mouth just tell me!" Razah yelled he was turning red. Harry was worried,"razah! What's gotten into you?!" Razah pushed harry to the ground and turned into a dragon. "What? Razah your an unlicensed animagus?"

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