The love that will end

Harry potter and his gang with a few new characters/scenes Enjoy:)


5. Malfoys girlfriend

Harry was surprised by this action and went to bed. The next day, harry was walking down the hall when he saw Severa and two other girls. Harry walked up yo Severa, "Hey Severa who are they?"harry asked. Severa smiled,"these are my best friends, Cry, and Alana."Severa said. As harry was about to speak Draco Malloy was roaming the hall and came upon him,"well if it isn't potter!"said Malloy happily,"just came looking for-ah cry !"Malfoy put his arm around cry."is that your girlfriend?"harry asked Malfoy."jealous much potter? Are you a single pea in a pod potter because I bet you ar-"Severa interrupted him,"I'm Harry's girlfriend so leave him alone!" Severa said as she glanced at harry blushing. Malfoy smirked and ran off leaving cry behind."sorry harry I just was trying to get him away."Severa looked at her black combats."well don't say sorry I like you."harry said to Severa.severa smiled and kissed him on the cheek then left."awkward moment don't you think?"cry said as harry left,"oh and by the way my name is cry-cry sinful." Said cry."I'm in Slytherin accept the sorting hat seriously thought about putting me in Ravenclaw ."cry said as Hermione came rushing to harry."Harry! Rajah rollingcone! He's made fireworks that say don't miss our meeting harry potter! In the sky and it's attracting a crowd hurry!"as harry left he could hear cry talking about voldemort.

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