"and you know, at the end of the day, personality doesn't even matter...no one falls in love with personality at first sight...
so I drink away the memories,
and smoke away the thoughts,
and they beat away the feelings.
but I'm okay with that,
cause the numbness makes me feel okay for once,
it makes all of this pain and regret okay.
but then HE came along...
he realized what could break me,
and he promised he wouldn't let it."


1. Opening

I let another tear fall down my cheek, as I felt another hand come in contact with my cheek.



it's a word that supposed to give you that tingle deep inside your stomach...

a feeling of longing and safety.

but now, all it gives me is pain, suffering, and fear.

I'm frightened of Home.

I'm pained of Home.


I laid on the cold floor, telling myself to get up, to be strong.

but my body had, had enough.


I lost control of my own temple...

my Body.

a place that I had full control of,

but not anymore.

I'm a just a voodoo doll now,

used to stick pins in, and rip apart.


I spit out the blood that had formed in my mouth, managing to at least roll myself onto my back.


What did I ever do to deserve so much pain?

so much hurt.

I'm no angel,

but hell, neither is any other human being on this earth.

I guess life is just creul.

It likes to take stuff away from you...

like dreams,

and ambitions.


and happiness.


I sighed in pain and tiredness, the distant sound of beer bottles being moved and the scent of marijuana filling my nose, being recognizable from the 2 senses that still managed to work.


I'm tired of being a nobody.

the thought of no one caring about me, if I ever left makes my heart hurt.

I just want to be loved like everyone else.

but in the end,

who would love a Unhinged Girl?












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