"and you know, at the end of the day, personality doesn't even matter...no one falls in love with personality at first sight...
so I drink away the memories,
and smoke away the thoughts,
and they beat away the feelings.
but I'm okay with that,
cause the numbness makes me feel okay for once,
it makes all of this pain and regret okay.
but then HE came along...
he realized what could break me,
and he promised he wouldn't let it."


3. Charlie

"Samantha, come here, I got someone I want ya to meet"

1 thing you should know about Trevor.

is never turst him.

he's the devils son in disguise.

"Hi Samantha I'm Charlie" a soft male voice spoke.

They all sound soft and sweet at first.

but on the inside, they're just like every other male on this earth,

dangerous, and sick.

I looked up to a pair of soft brown eyes, and forced a small smile onto my lips, reaching out to shake his outstretched hand.

Is this my assignment tonight?

"Charlie is looking to work for us here" Trevors said

I gazed back at him suprised,

was this kid trying to ruin his life?

"really?" I let my gaze travel back towards the boy, eyeing him for any sign that screamed danger.

he looked as harmless as a bunny rabbit,

actually I think even a bunny rabbit's a bit scarier.

"Yeah" Trevors voice had humour in it, I could tell he found it funny, but I however didn't.

we don't need another kid working here, then ending up dead in the next month or two.

"I think you got the wrong place" I stated glaring at Trevor, causing the smile to wipe off his face.

I began to walk away when I felt something grab my wrist.

"please, look I really need the money, I know I look young, but I swear I'll work hard" he said glancing between me and Trevor pleadingly and letting go of my wrist.

Trevor gave me the 'does this kid know what he's getting himself into look' and then shrugged.

"alright runt, you're on table duty" Trevor smirked throwing him a drying towel.

"go find Mikey, he'll fill you in on it, green hair, can't miss him" he said leaning back against the bar.

"what does she do?" I heard Charlies voice ask, causing my head to shoot from Trevor to him, then back to Trevor.

I glared at Trevor hard with the 'I dare you to say it' eyes.

he smirked before standing up and patting Charlie on the back,

"she runs a pleasurable buissness" he stated, winking towards me.

I rolled my eyes walking towards the break room and slapping him in the head on my way by,

leaving his laughter and jokes behind.

I really hope this kid knows what he's getting himself into...
























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