Just a Girl

Just a photographer and film maker. Just 21. Just got hired to help make a movie. Just for One Direction.


3. One Direction Movie

"Here's your coffee." A cup of the steaming drink was set in front of me. I put down my phone and thanked the woman.

It's been 3 years since I graduated from the London School of Photography and Film. I got an MA in filmmaking. I've actually helped to create a few small movies, but not anything big yet.

My phone vibrated from the table. I looked at the screen: Unknown caller. I picked up.


"Hello, is this Ms. Maisie Marshall speaking?" A woman's voice asked.

"Um, yes. Who is this?"

"I am one of Mr. Morgan Spurlock's secretaries, Miss Denise Phillips. Mr. Spurlock wishes to inform you that he is directing another movie, and he has heard of your success and, since you live close by to where part of the film will be shot, he'd like you to help in the movie."

"Oh, he was the guy in Super Size Me, right?" I asked. Oh, my god. How unprofessional. And he wants me, some random 21-year-old girl who can't have manners, to help with his movie?

"Yes," Denise replied, "the, ehem, guy from Super Size Me." She said awkwardly.

"Oh, uh, okay! That'd be great, actually. What is the movie about?"

"It's a documentary on British boy band One Direction."

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