Just a Girl

Just a photographer and film maker. Just 21. Just got hired to help make a movie. Just for One Direction.


5. Niall

Niall came into the room and sat in the chair across from me.

"So, I guess I should start asking you some questions?" I asked him.

"I guess." He replied with a smile.

"Well, okay. What's your favourite food?"

"Nando's!" He yelled. I chuckled and wrote it down.

"Are you left or right handed?"


"Do you have any fears?"

"I have claustrophobia and a fear of... um," I raised my eyebrows, "pigeons." He finished.

"Okay," I said as I scribbled that into my notebook, "what else do I need to know?"

"Well, you probably know I'm from Mullingar. I love food. I'm 20. I guess that's pretty much it; I'm not too interesting." I laughed.

"Everyone has a story, but not everyone wants to tell it."

"But I really don't." He said, digging his hands into his pockets.

"Well, if you insist. I guess that's all I need." I said with a smile.

"Okay." He got up and left the room.

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