Just a Girl

Just a photographer and film maker. Just 21. Just got hired to help make a movie. Just for One Direction.


7. Last One

The next two boys (Liam & Louis) came in and were actually easy to work with, unlike some people. *Cough cough* Harry *cough cough*

The last one was Zayn.

"Hey." He said as he walked in. He was not at all unattractive, if you know what I'm saying.

"Hi." I replied with a smile. "So," I cleared my throat, "let's get started."

"Okay." He said with his perfect Bradford accent. Oh that accent. Shoot me now.

"What's your favourite song?"

"Thriller by Michael Jackson." I wrote it down and proceeded to ask questions and receive answers.

I seriously shouldn't be saying this, but this boy was h-o-t, hot!


Hey guys! Sorry these first few chapter have been so short! Don't worry, they'll be longer soon! I just need to do probably one or two more short ones, and then they'll get much longer, I promise!
Thanks for reading!


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